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Inscryption Cabin Puzzle Cuckoo

Hello, fellow card gamers. So you've tucked into the complex but rewarding depths of the CCG elements of Inscryption. But what about all the weird puzzles and cryptic nonsense peppered throughout Leshy's cabin? What secrets do they hold? Well that's what this Inscryption cabin puzzle guide is for.

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Three candlesticks lit on a table
Can't it be both?

Inscryption Cabin Puzzle Guide - Painting Solution

Broadly speaking, there are two types of puzzles in Leshy's cabin. The first set of puzzles will be covered here and are meant to give you an extra edge against more difficult encounters. Thankfully, they're relatively straightforward once you know what to look for.

First and foremost, go to the framed painting. There should be one on the wall to your right right as you're making your way to the vault. When you first look at it, it will just show an empty table. But go back to it from run to run and you will see the game board with certain creature cards placed in a certain order on them. Memorize this immediately and replicate their placement as you play during this run. You'll know you've done it right when the screen goes pixelated briefly and you hear a distorted chime.

Finish the match then stand up again and go back to the painting. There should be an item in the painting. Click on it and you will pull the item out of the painting. Bring it back to you at the table and the item's ability will be added to the table and carry over for the rest of the game. Repeat this process and you will receive more aid.

A caged wolf statue sitting on a shelf next to a globe, a skull, and candles
Keep this statue in mind, this will be important later.

The first time you do this you'll unlock a four-leaf clover. Using this will allow you to refresh the pool of reward cards you are offered. The second time you do this you'll get an extra candlestick, essentially an “extra life” for you to use between runs. Additionally, when you enter a boss fight, when those flames are extinguished to set the stage you'll gain an additional smoke card to use for resources and strategies. The third time this is done, you can actively change the squirrel cards from your resource deck into bee cards. This is huge because bees can attack and can fly, a major upgrade if you wish to play more aggressively.

On the topic of getting more smoke. Go to the shelf behind Leshy from time to time. There are three candles on that shelf, and one of them will be lit. Click on the light to extinguish it. Once this is done three times, you'll get a message from Leshy. Now whenever you receive smoke cards during boss fights, they'll be Greater Smoke cards. They'll have higher stats, grant you more bones, and all at no additional cost.

In addition, there is a human skull on this shelf as well. As you play, the skull will begin to fill up with metallic teeth. Click on these teeth and they'll be added to the overflow bowl. This is good if you need some extra help buying pelts from the Trapper.

A gold ring coming out of a cuckoo clock
Is this a proposal? thanks?

Inscryption Cuckoo Clock

Next, go to the cuckoo clock. By clicking the various dials you can manipulate the hands on the clock. Start turning the dials until the clock face reads 11:00. The minute you do this, a compartment will open up with a ring inside.

This will be a big help much later. Right before the final boss fight with Leshy, you'll be given several last minute trials - think a more extreme version of the cave dweller challenges. But one of those trials you will automatically pass if you have this ring on your person. This guarantees you one last big boost or ability right before the final showdown.

A canvas with the painting of a dagger on it
Get ready to go through the looking glass.

The second string of puzzles in this section of Inscryption is how you can break out of Leshy's sick game and get out of the cabin. Fair warning, this string of puzzles are going to get a little nuts.

First and foremost, crack open the tutorial book immediately and flip through the pages. Eventually you'll find a page that has a safe combination written on it in blood. Get up and go to the safe next to the carved wooden figures. Punch in the combination and the safe will open, revealing a new Stinkbug card that will get added to your starting pool as well as a key.

Take this key to the locked cabinet on Leshy's side of the cabin. Once this is done, you'll see four locked drawers. Each of these cabinets are locked by mini-puzzles that uses the card game's core rules and mechanics. The trick is to arrange the notches in a way that a single attack adds up to five points of damage at which point the drawer will open and you can continue on. There are brass lines that prevent certain notches from being moved so half of the puzzle is figuring out what you'll have to work around. Thankfully, notches can only move up and down, so it doesn't feel completely overwhelming.

A complex lock mechanism on a cabinet drawer
Get ready for headaches next.

Inscryption Cabin Puzzle Guide - Drawer Solutions

The first of these drawers is really easy. Just move all of the notches to the attack row and hit the bell. You're done. Collect your new card and enjoy.

The second of these drawers start using more complex mechanics like flying and the skink's lizard tail mechanic. This will take a bit of effort but the solution should be this. On your attack row from left to right should be the 1|2 flying blocker, an empty space, the 3|2 notch, and the 1|2 lizard tail notch. Aside from the single 1|2 lizard tail notch on the defensive row (the one that can't be moved), the rest of the defense row should be blank.

The third of these drawers emphasize the ant cards army sigil. The more of one there is in play, the larger their attack power is. The solution is your attack row should have all of the ant|2 notches ready except for the center right section. That one should have the 2|3 flyer. Finally, the defense row should have from left to right the two 1|2 lizard tail notches followed by nothing. The resolution of this is the first two notches jam up the lizard tail tokens, the flyer goes over the blocker for two, and the final ant notch hits for a total of 3 thanks to the group ability.

Finally, there is the fourth drawer, one that takes advantage of the spike defense and the bifurcated strike ability. Hands down, this is the most frustrating of the drawer puzzles just because out of how complicated it is.

A really complex locking mechanism on a cabinet drawer
Enjoy the fruits of my tension headache labors.

Thankfully, I have worked out the solution. The attack row should go in the following order from left to right: Nothing,  1|1 bi strike, 1|1 bi strike, then the 3|2 notch. The defense row should be the following from left to right: the 1|2 spike, nothing, the 1|2 lizard tail, and nothing. How it resolves is the first bi-strike hits the spike armor, cancelling out its second hit from triggering the lizard tail notch. The the second bi strike notch then hits the left and right empty slots for two damage, and since the lizard tail's token and shift ability wasn't triggered, the 3|2 goes through for the win.

Inscryption Caged Wolf

Alright, now that all of that has been done you should have gotten a handful of good cards, a carved squirrel head to use with the woodcarver's totems – seriously getting any kind of buff on your squirrel cards are a plus, and a special card called “Caged Wolf.”

From here, play Leshy's game until you reach a sacrifice altar. Sacrifice the Caged Wolf immediately. Once you do this, you should hear a loud noise in the cabin. Get up and go back to Leshy's shelf. You should see the destroyed remains of a cage containing a wooden wolf statue.

A wooden wolf statue clicking into a shelf with a dagger popping out of a squirrel
Good news, you got the dagger. Bad news, you're not gonna like what you have to do with it.

Pick up this wooden wolf statue and take it to the mechanism you see to the right of the locked cabinet. You should see a little indent in the shelf next to the carving of a squirrel holding a knife. Set the wolf statue in the indent and the squirrel's arms should pop open. Grab the knife and bring it back to the table.

Inscryption Cabin Puzzle Guide - Dagger and Eyeballs

This is where things get a little gruesome. Now, every single time you start a new run you will start with the knife in front of the table. As to what it does, you can use it to pluck out your eye and immediately deal four damage to Leshy during a game. But you lose part of your vision in the process.

From here, play until you lose to Leshy and make a new deathcard. You should get a cutscene showing a mysterious green-looking figure painting the dagger.

A chest full of eyeballs, one is glowing.
This is gross, but it's gotta be done.

Once this cutscene concludes, use the dagger again and then win a match. If you do this right, Leshy will pull out a chest full of spare eyeballs, offering you a replacement. Look for an eyeball that's glowing with cyan glyphs and select it. Congratulations, you can now see mysterious paint that has scrawled out cryptic messages throughout the cabin.

In fact, the biggest clue is right on the chest you pulled the eyeball out of. It reads, “Find salvation in the cuckoo clock.”

Naturally, return to the cuckoo clock and you'll see marks on it highlighted by the paint. Arrange the hands of the clock until they line up with these marks and another compartment will open. Inside this compartment is the Stunted Wolf card, and a roll of film.

A roll of film coming out of a cuckoo clock
All of that work for a roll of film. Really.

After that comes the hard part. You must now successfully complete your run all the way to end and beat Leshy in the final battle. Once you do this, an alternate cutscene will play where you can take the camera from Leshy, insert the film roll inside, and trap him. From there, move towards the floating “New Game” symbol, restart the game, and select the (originally greyed out) New Game option in the start menu.

Congratulations you are now out of Leshy's cabin and into the rest of Inscryption. But if you need a bit of help getting through those boss fights or maybe need a refresher on how the various map locations and card types work, we have you covered.

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