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A cliff with four headstones in the earth, glowing.

Hey there card gamers. If you've followed our guides so far, such as the Beginner Guide or Cabin Puzzle Guide that means you've managed to best the puzzles and boss battles within Leshy's cabin in the horror card game, Inscryption.

But now things are different. The entire game's genre seems to have changed. You have a new map to explore and new challenges to conquer. Where do you start? What do you do? Well, we have the guide for you.

A character in front of four tombstones
Oh no, I know nothing about these decks!

Inscryption RPG Puzzle Guide - What is New?

The very first choice you'll make in this new world that Inscryption throws you into is choosing one of the four Scrybes you wish to supplant. Basically, you pick what your starting deck will be based on. And if you've been playing this game long enough, you know that it explains some things, but not completely.

To summarize, here are the four different Inscryption RPG deck styles as well as their respective strengths and weaknesses:

Grimora Deck

Grimora's whole schtick is necromancy and the undead. All of her creature cards revolve around managing bone tokens and swarm tactics. Graverobbers are blockers that farm bones. Bone Heaps get more powerful if you spend bone tokens. Zombies and banshees and mummies are played with bone costs ranging from two to eight. If you're not farming bones, you're doing something wrong.

The downside to Grimora's deck is that overreliance on that engine. This can lead to games where either you hold off the enemy long enough to get your big hitters out or just overwhelm them with quickly summoned skeletons... or you're completely resource screwed and get dropped in two turns. Keep an eye on the bone cost and pace yourself.

Leshy Deck

This is basically the deck you choose if you really enjoyed the rustic sensibilities of Leshy's cards back in the Cabin section of the game. They emphasize sacrifices a lot more now, so you might want to invest in blockers and defense just so you have some resources for those nasty grizzly bears.

A fantasy world map done in pixel art
Get here first before anything else happens.

P03 Deck

P03's deck is a sci-fi robot-themed deck. Because of this, the game introduces a new resource and mechanic for these cards. The first is battery power. Every single turn, you'll get a battery charged, represented by blue glowing squares in the upper left corner of the game screen. Certain cards require you to spend those battery charges to play them. There are cards to help accelerate this battery's charge levels, but generally speaking you work with what you have and delay until you have more.

The second mechanic is a circuit system. There are various pylon and wire robot cards that you can play that will can increase the stats of your robot cards. Put these on the far left and right sides of the board as soon as you can and keep these going. If you have these set right, you can start playing 2|2 creatures for practically nothing.

The obvious problem is that if those circuits get destroyed, the stat boosting benefits go with them.

Magnificus Deck

Finally, there is the wizard, Magnificus. His whole deck revolves around wizards, constructus, and magic gems. Overall, there's a decent spread of good creature cards in this deck. No big numbers, mostly reliable blockers, flyers, and attack boosting abilities.

But it is all tied to a magic gem mechanic. There are three magic gem types. Each wizard creature has a color associated with the gem. You need to have that gem in play in order to summon that creature. For some creatures, if there are no gems in play on your board, they instantly die.

So it's an even more extreme version of the battery gauge. The best advice I can give if you choose this deck is to strip it down so it focuses on two gems total rather than the full three. This will cut down on being resource screwed and help you focus on more unified strategy. Blue gems are associated with attack, orange with defense and swarms, and green are associated with slow but steady enhancement. Pick your poison.

The overworld map with a mysterious mushroom location shown
The Myconid Doctor also returns but you'll need to beat two scrybes first.

Before you go any of the other locations, there is one area you should visit first. There is a tiny bridge area in the forest area of the map. Once you move your character past the gate, right before you enter Leshy's Cabin, you should be able to go left to the bridge. By going here you'll find a chest full of cards as well as the four-leaf clover item. Pick this up immediately. Using the four leaf clover will let you have one free hand refresh at the start of each game going forward.

Finally, there are two small but crucial mechanics you need to know. First and foremost, there is no resource deck anymore. This is because there are more creatures you can play for free and you can actually build your deck to be whatever you want now. The second is a hammer icon placed under the bell. At any time, you can use that hammer to instantly destroy any of your creatures, either for resources or to free up your row. Keep these in mind.

Leshy's cabin with the angler and prospector outside
Brings back unsettling memories, doesn't it?

Inscryption RPG Puzzle Guide - Leshy

In order to through the rest of Inscryption's story, you need to go to the four zones and defeat the four Scrybes. But you can't just kick down their doors and demand a game of cards. You have some hoops to jump through.

We'll start with Leshy. Enter the cabin and Leshy will offer you a (less powerful) version of his magic camera. He then informs you that you have to defeat the Prospector, Angler, and the Trapper in a game before you can fight him.

So how do you go about this? First, go back to where the safe is in the cabin and punch in the combination from earlier in the game. If you forgot it, it's written in blood outside near the dog bowl on the left side of the cabin. Once you open it, take the large chunk of meat and head outside.

Put the meat in the dog bowl. This should make a dog appear and start eating the meat. A prompt will appear where you can take the dog's picture. Once you've taken the dog's picture, show it to the Prospector who is on the right side of the map. Once you show him the photo of his dog, he'll challenge you to a game of cards.

A giant lake with a shark inside
C'mon, get the bait...

Once you've beaten the Prospector, go past him to the next area. This should be a giant fish pond. Go to the fish bucket, take a photo of it, then put the photo on the fish hook. Once that is done, wait for the shark to come up to take the bait. Take the shark's picture then head back to the Angler who is on the bridge to the left of the cabin. Show him the photo and you'll face him in a game of cards next.

Once you've beaten The Angler, cross the bridge and head to the open fields. Here, you'll have to move a bear trap so it catches the rabbit that is running around. Once this is done, take its picture to get a rabbit pelt. After that is done, return to Leshy's cabin and head to the room on the right. Here you'll find the Trapper. Show him the pelt and you'll fight him next.

Once all of that is done, talk to Leshy and get ready for round 2.

Leshy's cabinet unlocking in a retro pixel artstyle

Optional Treasures - Leshy

Remember the convoluted lock cabinet? Well it's back again in pixel form. There's just one puzzle this time around and it's pretty straightforward. The solution from left to right is: 2|3 flyer, 1|1 flyer, 1|1 poison, then the 2|1 notch. On the blocking row there should just be the 1|1 poison token on the center right space and the unmovable 0|4 burrower. The flyers go off unimpeded, the poison attack causes the burrower to block which is killed by the poison, then the 2|1 finishes the job.

Following that are some chests that you can just open for free goodies.

Grimora's graveyard map
Time to roll the bones.

Inscryption RPG Puzzle Guide - Grimora

Going southward to the Graveyard, we have Grimora. The big thing standing in your way here are three large tombstones. You need to get nine different stones that spell out the epitaphs on each one. A few of these are out in the open, but some are hidden. After you've sweeped the floor of rock pieces, you'll have to beat the three ghosts that are in the graveyard. Afterwards, go to the well on the left side and interact with it for another stone piece. Then head downstairs into the unsettling coffin with a demon in it for the other stone. Continue past the third ghost into the room with the mirror that changes your appearance for the last stone.

From here, listen to the dialogue of the three ghosts again, they'll give you some hard clues about what order to put the stones in. The left tombstone should read “Kaycee Hobbes, Hit By a Falling Piece of Ice, Doesn't Hold a Grudge.” The Middle one should read “Sawyer Patel, Eaten By a Hungry Dog, The Defibilator Failed.” The right one should read “Royal, Death by Scurvy, There Was No Cure.”

Once those are set in, you should have a straight shot to Grimora.

A circuit puzzle with tiles
I wish I could say this solution was easy for me to figure out.

Inscryption RPG Puzzle Guide - P03

Once you beaten either Leshy or Grimora, the rest of the map opens up. And mostly because there's a lot to get through, we'll be continuing the guide P03's robot factory.

Speak to P03. He'll call your cards crap then tell you go and fight three of his robot workers in the factory. If only it were that simple. Take the right path and you'll go into the next room. But the worker is behind a closed bridge.

You'll have go to two consoles and solve an electric current puzzle to get through. The first two should be straightforward, giving you an idea as to how they work. But if you're just here for solutions, put both +1 circuts on the far left and right ends then hit the power button on both.

The second pair of circuit puzzles are a bit more technical. The third circuit puzzle (the one with five tiles total) introduces -1 circuits which can make things a little technical. The solution here is put a +1 on the far left tile, the -1 on the center tile, then the last +1 on the far right tile. The fourth of these are six in total and introduce what I'll call “null” tiles since they shut down energy altogether. The solution to this one should read as follows: +1 Circuit, 2, 3, +0 Circuit, null, -1 Circuit.

The third and final pair of circuits are the brainbusters. Thankfully I'll just give you solutions flat out to save you a headache. The puzzle that requires a 3 charge's solution is as follows: 1, null, null, +1 Circuit, 2, +1 Circuit. Finally, the puzzle that requires a 5 charge looks like this: +1 Circuit, -1 Circuit, 3, +0 Circuit, 2, null.

Wrap up the fights, then return to the top floor and speak to P03 for your boss fight.

The locked cabinet puzzle for the factory in Inscryption
Nothing but big brain plays here.

Optional Treasures

There are two locked cabinets in P03's room similar to Leshy's cabinet. The first one's solutions should have these notches on the attacking row from left to right: nothing, 2|3 flyer, 1|1 notch, then 3|2 notch. The defending row should be this: 1|2 spike, nothing, 1|1 bomb, 0|1 crossout sign.

The second cabinet's solution is this. On the attacking row you should have the following: 0|1 +1 Circuit, 0|1 notch, 1|1 bi strike, 0|1 Circuit Link. The defending row should have a 0|2 +1 circuit on the far left and a 0|1 Circuit link on the far right with nothing inbetween. Enjoy your extra cards.

A card game against a wizard dummy.
This took me a few tries not gonna lie.

Inscryption RPG Puzzle Guide - Magnificus

Magnificus' wizard tower is going to be a headache. First, go to the back of the room and pick up the monocle. Now you should see Magnificus' painted symbols. Read the note on the ground and you'll see three symbols throughout it. Go up to the column in the middle of the room and enter the symbols from top to bottom. You'll be sent to a new room and fight a new opponent.

After you beat them, go through the open door to the next room. There are three notes on the floor giving you clues to the solution. The top symbol is for those who are greedy. Search the chest in the room for a card, then search it a second time for the symbol. The middle symbol is hidden in the top left corner of the room. You'll go into a black void with the symbol on the floor. The third symbol is “for those who are hard of hearing.” Open up your options menu, and go to sound options. It's in the corner. Punch these into the middle pillar, win the fight, then continue.

The third room is a bit complicated. Go up to the training dummy and fight it. During the fight start chipping away at the training dummy cards that show up. The symbols are on the cards that pop up to replace the dummies. Note: it is actually possible to "grind" overkill damage with this if you're saving up for new card packs.

Once that fight is done, you have a straight shot to Magnificus.

Once you have all four of the Scrybes defeated, head back to the cliffs where you started, pick one of the headstones to battle. Don't worry too much about strategy here as the game will shortly glitch out and reboot. Congratulations, you're now in third act of Inscryption!

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