How to Access Your Cassette Beasts Tape Storage

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Just like any monster-taming game, switching tapes and forming a six-monster team is an important part of progressing through Cassette Beasts. However, it’s not exactly easy to access, and it's easy to lose track of it. Here’s how you find your tape storage in Cassette Beasts and switch out your party.

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Cassette Beasts Tape Storage
Your cassette storage is harder to find than it seems like it would be.

Go Rest

It’s as easy as it sounds – go rest somewhere. Whether you camp with your partner or take a trip to Gramophone Cafe, all you have to do is relax and there will be an option that says Tape Storage. Keep in mind that you can only access it this way, so you’ll need to evaluate your team every time before heading out each time you rest.

If you’re looking to switch monster tapes in and out of your party, then you’ll need to remove tapes from your party first. There’s also a quick swap option that makes this a bit quicker.

That’s everything to know about how to access your tape storage in Cassette Beasts. For more helpful guides, check out the ones below:

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