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A major part of Cassette Beasts is combat and getting through a lot of boss battles. These aren’t as straightforward as they are in other monster-taming games, and it’s important to go into every fight with a strategy in mind. Here are five tips to get you through the game with little to no trouble. Here's a few Cassette Beasts tips to help you on your journey.

If you're just getting going in Cassette Beasts, check out our starter guide, as well as guides on how to access your tape storage, and what to know about bootleg monsters.

1. Keep a Type Chart Handy

Type Chart for Combat in Cassette Beasts
This reads as Attackers on top and Defenders on the side. 

The elements of every monster interact in some way – there are very few pairings that do nothing when put together when you think about the monster typing and the move typing. If you want to be prepared for these interactions and use them to your advantage, make sure you have a type chart on hand. 

You can use the picture above and keep it pulled up on your phone. This can also be found in the game by going to your inventory and going to the Misc. category (key picture). The first time you open the Ranger Handbook, an Elemental Type Chart will fall out. Both items are located in the Misc. part of your inventory.

Unfortunately, this can’t be pulled up in a battle, which is why you need it pulled up somewhere convenient. 

Target Colors

Luckily, if you’re not planning out a strategy to take on a major boss, there’s an easy way to know what typings to use in the moment. When you’re targeting a monster in combat, there will be a circle that pops up underneath them. This circle will be green, yellow, or red. Green circles mean that you’re helping the monster somehow, red means that you’re doing all damage or a negative status effect, and yellow is a mix of the two (such as doing damage but also buffing them).

 This won’t help you know what to use, but it will let you know what you shouldn’t use. There are also icons that will signify what status effect will be inflicted (for both the good and the bad). 

2. Rely on Buffs and Debuffs

Combat Debuffs in Cassette Beasts
Monster tapes with many debuffs are incredibly handy.

Buffs and Debuffs are powerful tools that you will need to utilize in Cassette Beasts. In fact, you can get through the entire game relying on random debuffs like I did with my starter monster tape, Candevil. 

In general, a good setup to get through everything is to use a monster that debuffs and protects while using another one that can dish out massive damage (or a lot of debuffs, like the move Trick that gives the enemy a random debuff). The game sets you up for doing this well with quality monsters at the beginning that fill both roles.

The most effective debuffs I used were Leech, Poison, and Sleep. These three were easy enough to hit with multiple characters, and you can generally tank hits while regaining health from Leech while the enemy is defeated even quicker with damaging status effects like Poison (or even Burn).

An important thing to remember is that debuffs and buffs transfer from monster tape to monster tape since it’s people transforming into them. This can be helpful during annoying ranger battles. 

3. Don’t Forget About Stickers

Sticker Moves in Cassette Beasts
Monsters can use all kinds of stickers despite their Elemental Type.

Stickers are basically movies that you can apply to your monster tapes and use in battle. These are incredibly easy to use, and they can be removed and stuck on another monster tape with no consequences. They’re also found all over the map, and there are multiple vendors in Harbourtown that sell them as well. 

Use these to your advantage. If you have monsters that fill dedicated roles but have useless abilities/moves for that role, then use stickers for more effective moves. Keep in mind that this also works for passive abilities as well. 

4. Tailor Your Team to Your Partner

Partner Synergy Combat in Cassette Beasts
These two monsters balance each other out well.

Cassette Beasts requires you to have a partner from the beginning of the story onward. You’ll probably settle on one that you really like and adventure with them normally. However, if you want to get through some of the most important side content in the game, you’ll need to use other partners. 

These partners come with their own monster tape, and each of them does different things. In order to get things easier while your partner is underleveld or doesn’t have very many stars on their tape, you’ll want to adjust your team. Oftentimes, this really is meant to cover your partner's weak spots, especially the first few battles you use with them. 

5. Watch the Enemy’s AP

Combat AP in Cassette Beasts
Enemy AP can be found underneath their health bar.

Your AP determines which moves you can use, and this applies to your enemies too. If you see the cubes under their health start accumulating, you may want to get your defenses up and be prepared to take heavy damage. 

This is incredibly important during Archangel fights. The archangels have high-cost abilities that can take out you and your team in one swoop, so you’ll need to keep an eye on them. Using an Elemental Wall as the enemy’s AP gets close to the top is a good option, but you can also use status effects to slow this down as well. 

Let us know any tips you have from your own adventures! You can find more guides for Cassette Beasts below:

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