The Best Early Monsters in Cassette Beasts

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Archangel beast in Cassette Beasts

With over 120 monsters in Cassette Beasts, it can be difficult to decide which ones to use, especially if you don’t know which ones are the best. Luckily, there are great options for monsters at all stages of the game. In fact, there are several early-game monsters that can take you all the way to the end of the game (and that aren’t just your or your partner’s starters). Here's some of the best Early Monsters in Cassette Beasts, beyond your starter monsters!

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Of course, you can use any monster you want – it’s your game after all. However, you may find yourself struggling without knowing why if your team consists of mid to low-tier monsters. Check out these early-game monsters that can carry your early game to make the rest of the game feel even better.


beginning monster Cassette Beasts Dandylion
One of the best designed and overpowered monsters in Cassette Beasts is Dandylion.

When it comes to tanky monsters in Cassette Beasts, look no further – Dandylion is the new Venosaur, and it’s just as cute. Dandylion is one of the first monsters you’re likely to see, and it’s one that carried me to the end of the game. 

Dandylion’s main goal is to soak up as much damage as it can while applying debuffs to the enemies and protection to your other monster. While it may look like it underperforms at the beginning, Dandylion gets significantly more powerful the more stars the tape has.

Additionally, its remastered form, Blossomaw, is just as great at higher levels (and just as cute, too). This is one monster you can use in every single battle you come across. 


beginning monster Cassette Beasts Dominoth
Dominoth is much stronger than it looks.

Dominoth is one of the very first monsters you meet in Cassette Beasts as Kayleigh uses it to explain one of the overworld abilities: flying. The moth mon is a great option to use as it gets some impressive Electric moves as it gains stars. 

Conducive is an incredibly strong debuff anyway, and it’s not as widely available as things like Poison or Burn. Paired with debuff-based monsters, Dominoth is a great choice for taking enemies down quickly. 


beginning monster Cassette Beasts Nevermort
The most intimidating crow you'll ever see: Nevermort

One of the most memorable early-game monsters is Nevermort, a skeleton crow that’s intimidating just by looks alone. The monster can dish out a lot of damage early on, and it ramps up incredibly well. It does best when paired with a tankier monster, like Dandylion. 

Apocrowlypse, its remastered form, was another one that took me all the way to the end of the game. Using this alongside Blossomaw is a pretty nasty combination, especially if you’re using Stickers to get the most out of your monsters. Plus, it just looks cool and uniquely grotesque compared to the other designs in the game, and there’s nothing better than raising a character up that you’ve had from the very beginning.  

Nevermort is commonly seen at night. You can change the time you’re adventuring by resting somewhere. 


beginning monster Cassette Beasts Pawndead
Pawndead is full of possibilities despite being dead.

For any and all chess or dark academia lovers, Pawndead is the perfect addition. Not only is the chess pawn monster unique-looking, but it’s also got a ridiculous amount of potential. In fact, its remastered forms are used in some of the most difficult boss fights toward the end. 

Queenyx and Kingrave are both absolute powerhouses, and Pawndead is the start of it all. Plus, combined with others on this list, it definitely fits into a cool team aesthetic.

You’ll need to adventure at night to find Pawndead.


beginning monster Cassette Beasts Faucetear
The monster actually gets sadder when it's remastered.

One of the most impressive AoE damage monsters in the game is Fountess, which is the remastered form of Faucetear. Faucetear itself is a solid pick, and it’s worth grabbing just for its remaster alone. Plus, when combined with characters like Dandylion, it can feel overpowered. 

Faucetear is commonly found in caves, and there are several in the beginning areas of the island. If you’re struggling to find some, check out the rumors in town and work on them.


beginning monster Cassette Beasts Squirey
Squire squirrel Squirey is a great early-game choice.

Another surprisingly great early-game monster is Squirey. The adorable little creature becomes a great asset and can carry you through the beginning of the game because of how easy it is to use – you won’t accidentally give your enemies a buff because of its straightforward attacks.

Its final remastered form, Pangolin, is also a powerful late-game unit. You’ll even encounter it going through some of the side stories as quite the formidable foe.

Bonus: Stay Away from Pombomb

Pombomb bad beginning monster in Cassette Beasts
Adorable? Yes. Good? No.

We get it, Pombomb is cute. The fluffy dog has an attack called Zoomies – it doesn’t get much cuter than that. However, it’s just not a great fit for many teams in the beginning. Even its remastered form struggles to keep up with other monsters at the same level despite being one of the only fire monsters you’ll encounter early on. 

Of course, if you’re absolutely in love with the design, then you can attempt to make it work. It won’t hinder your progress, but it certainly won’t help it. Just trust me, and don’t use Pombomb. Your future self will thank you.


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