What Are Bootleg Monsters in Cassette Beasts?

Last Update: April 26, 2023


Cassette Beasts Bootleg Nevermort

When traveling around the world of Cassette Beasts, you may run across monsters that have unique color schemes to them. These are called Bootleg monsters, or Bootleg tapes, and they are incredibly powerful. Here’s everything you need to know about Bootleg monsters in Cassette Beasts.

Bootleg monster Nevermort in Cassette Beasts
Bootleg monsters look different depending on the new Element they are.

Pros of Bootleg Monsters in Cassette Beasts

Bootleg monsters in Cassette Beasts look different from monsters of the same species because they’re different Elements, or types. This will impact how they interact with monsters of other elements and can be good for team variety. 


However, the best thing about Bootleg monsters is that they get boosts to all their abilities. For example, a Bootleg monster that I found was able to hit a whole team with a simple ability that normally targets a single enemy. Sometimes this looks like higher chances to land critical hits or inflict statuses like burn. Some of these extra abilities include new passives that upgrade stats for that monster. 

These buffs can easily carry you through a playthrough of the game. 

Special moveset of bootleg monsters in Cassette Beasts
This is an example of a special move that also has an extra passive for the monster.

How to Find Bootleg Monsters

There’s a low chance to find Bootleg monsters when you’re exploring. However, they do show up with their unique color pattern while glitching in and out of the overworld, so keep your eyes peeled. There’s also an NPC on the Western side of Harbourtown who will give you a free Bootleg tape once you unlock that side of town. 


That’s everything there is to know about Bootleg monsters in Cassette Beasts. Check out the guides below for more monster-taming tips. 

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