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Easter is upon us, but things are a little different this time for Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-Tide 2023. While there are a number of egg-themed puns and decorations to mark the occasion, you’ll instead be dealing with some Tonberry shenanigans. In our Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-Tide 2023 Event Guide, we’ll go over this unique seasonal event and the rewards you’ll be able to get.

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The NPC Jihli Aliapoh giving the Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-Tide 2023 event quest "Get Along and Play Knife".

How to complete Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-Tide 2023

Once again, you’ll need to head to Gridania to start this quest. More specifically, quest NPC Jihli Aliapoh will be waiting in Old Gridania at X:10.2, Y:9.4 — right on the stage at Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre. From there, you’ll start the quest “Get Along and Play Knife”, tasking you with dressing up as a Tonberry to deal with some mischievous Sylphs. You’ll be given a transformation buff for this quest, which can be reapplied by talking to Hamlyn again if you lost it.

There are 3 Sylphs you need to scare off (you can choose either dialogue option for each):

  • Wily Whiner - X:10.8, Y:8.2
  • Excited Amphibian-lover - X:11.5, Y:9.1
  • Unsure Accomplice - X:11.9, Y:8.6

From there, head back to Hamlyn to finish the final steps of the quest.

The second quest, “Chaos, Carnage, Eggs”, will send you to Central Shroud. Here, you must complete the FATE “Don’t Be Sylphish” at X:25, Y: 29. If the FATE isn’t there when you enter the zone, just wait for a little while — it usually takes around 10 minutes for it to reappear after being completed.

Final Fantasy XIV Don’t Be Sylphish FATE

Selecting the “Join FATE” button in the quest list will transform you, letting you wear the Tonberry costume once again. From there, you must obtain Archon Eggs and deliver them to Hamlyn who is standing nearby. The eggs can be picked up off the ground, or obtained when you use the “Frighten” action on Suspect Sylphs — this action is the only ability you can use while transformed, scaring Sylphs away with a conal AOE.

You’ll have to dodge circular AOEs, while a large Mammet in the center occasionally fires line AOEs while spinning around. Being hit doesn’t do damage, but you are stunned for a few seconds. Depending on how many players are doing the FATE, you’ll need to hand in a lot of Archon Eggs. Partying up with other players will make getting full contribution for the FATE easier.

With the FATE over with, head back to Jihli Aliapoh to end the quest. This will get you the Ballroom Etiquette - Unnerving Undulations item, unlocking the Frighten emote when used.

Viewing the event rewards for Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-Tide 2023 while targeting the Dreamer NPC.

How to Unlock the Tonberry Outfit in Final Fantasy XIV

You may have noticed that the Don’t Be Sylphish FATE rewarded you with some Special Midnight Archon Eggs. These are the currency used to unlock the Tonberry outfit, plus a few other items. Head to the Dreamer NPC at X:10.3, Y: 9,1 in Old Gridania to trade the eggs in.

Each piece of the Tonberry outfit costs 2 eggs each for a total of 10 eggs. You get 10 eggs for getting gold contribution in the FATE, so you only need to do it once for the full outfit. If you want the orchestrion roll and housing item, then you’ll need another 5 eggs. Just head back to Central Shroud and wait for the FATE to respawn.

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