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Final Fantasy XIV has had a number of long-term upgradeable weapons to work towards, with more being added during every expansion. Now starting with Patch 6.25’s Manderville Weapon, this is also the case with Endwalker. Players will be able to obtain (and eventually upgrade) their very own Manderville Weapons, including ones for Reaper and Sage. In our Final Fantasy XIV Manderville Weapon Guide, we’ll go over the unlock requirements and what you’ll need to do for each step.

How to Start Final Fantasy XIV Manderville Weapon Quests

Before you can actually begin the Manderville Weapon questline, there are a lot of prerequisite quests. For starters, you must have completed the quest Endwalker — the final quest of base Endwalker. While there are a number of quests that take place after this, they’re not required to unlock Manderville Weapons.

The other main unlock requirement is a long series of quests that take place across both Endwalker and previous expansions, involving the self-proclaimed “inspector extraordinaire” Hildebrand. Depending on whether you’ve previously started this questline or not, you might have a lot of quests to go through. The starting quest for each part can be found at:

  • The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen (A Realm Reborn) - Ul'dah, Steps of Nald.
  • A Gentleman Falls, Rather than Flies (Heavensward) - Ishgard, The Pillars.
  • A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East (Stormblood) - Kugane.
  • The Sleeping Gentleman (Endwalker) - Radz-at-Han. You only need to complete the quests up to (and including) The Imperfect Gentleman.

The A Realm Reborn section of Hildebrand quests features three different trials, which can easily be completed solo at level 90 using the Duty Finder’s “Unrestricted Party” option. The Stormblood quests meanwhile feature a single trial, “Kugane Ohashi”. This can be a little tricky solo due to certain mechanics, so we recommend taking a few people with you — using the Party Finder will speed this step up.

Paladin holding up a Final Fantasy XIV Manderville Weapon.

Manderville Weapon — Item Level 615

With the previous steps out of the way (and while using a level 90 job), you’ll be able to accept the quest “Make it a Manderville” in Radz-at-Han in X11.8, Y: 11.1. As the first step of what will be a long series of quests, the requirements are relatively simple. After a series of short cutscenes, you’ll be asked to obtain 3 “Manderium Meteorites”. Thankfully, these can be obtained in Radz-at-Han via the NPC Jubrunnah at X: 12.1, 10.9. Manderium Meteorites cost 500 Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy each, meaning you’ll need a total of 1500 per Manderville Weapon.

Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy have no weekly cap, though you can only hold 2000 at a time. The main ways to gain these quickly are via the daily dungeon roulettes, alongside the daily Frontline bonus. Going through these, doing hunt marks, and completing some level 90 dungeons will easily net you the required 1500 tomestones.

Handing in the three Meteorites to Godbert and Gerolt will finish the first step and net you a plainly-titled item level 615 Manderville Weapon for the class you accepted the quest on. There is no stat customization during this step, though each weapon already comes with two maxed out substats (plus two materia slots).

To get additional Manderville Weapons, switch to a different job and talk to the NPC “House Manderville Artisan” at X: 12, Y: 7. You can hand in three more Manderium Meteorites and get another weapon — this step is repeatable for every job.

Amazing Manderville Weapon — Item Level 630

Introduced in Patch 6.35, this is another simple upgrade step. You'll be required to do two more Hildebrand quests before this one unlocks though, starting with "The Spectacle of Inspection" in Radz-at-Han at X:11.9, Y:11.1.

With that out of the way, talking to Gerolt in Radz-at-Han at X:12.0, Y:7.1 on a Job that has a Manderville Weapon will start the quest "Well-oiled". After taking a brief stop at another location in Radz-at-Han, you'll be tasked with acquiring three Complementary Chondrite Chunks. As with Manderium Meteorites, these can be picked up from Jubrunnah for 500 Tomestones each. Taking these back to Godbert and Gerolt at the forge will net you a useful Amazing Manderville Weapon, making it one of the easiest ways to obtain an item level 630 weapon.

After this, talking to the NPC “House Manderville Artisan” at X: 12, Y: 7 on a Job that doesn't have an Amazing Manderville Weapon will allow you to repeat this step again if you want to upgrade more Manderville Weapons.

And that’s every current step of the Final Fantasy XIV Manderville Weapon questline. Make sure to check back when new steps are added in future patches.

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