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This guide on Farthest Frontier Desirability will tell you how to improve your Desirability score and work your way up to higher Tiers!

How Farthest Frontier Desirability Works

Farthest Frontier Desirability is simply a measure of how nice an area around a House is. The nicer the area, the higher the Desirability score.

Desirability is an important factor for progressing through the Tiers in Building. You can't get to Tier 3 until you have 25 Homesteads (which require 30 Desirability each), and you can't get to Tier 4 until you have 25 Large Houses (which require 65 Desirability each).

Variety Matters

You should know that you can't simply place five of the same Building near a House and get an improvement. Each Building that increases Desirability only gives its bonus once to Houses within its range.

How to Increase Desirability in Farthest Frontier

You can increase Desirability in Farthest Frontier by building nice Decorations and certain service buildings (such as the Market and School) near Houses while simultaneously keeping buildings that reduce Desirability (such as the Tanner and Compost Yard) away from Houses.

As you progress through the game, you'll have another option for increasing Desirability -- Upgrading existing Buildings. Many Buildings (such as the Well) will give a higher boost to Desirability once Upgraded; you can find out more by checking the menu of each Building.

In summation: keep Houses away from polluting or noisy buildings and build a nice variety of Decorations and Buildings that increase Desirability near your Houses. Don't be afraid to experiment, either -- remember, you can move Buildings at any time (with the exception of the Town Center).

Farthest Frontier Desirability Guide - Desirability Heatmap
You can find out the Desirability score of your buildings by pressing "G" at any time.

Best Buildings for Increasing Farthest Frontier Desirability

The best Buildings for increasing Farthest Frontier Desirability are the Large Park and the Large Statue. These Buildings will give you a boost in excess of +10% -- and perhaps more if you place them very close to a House.

As we've established, variety is important, too -- you can count on increasing the Desirability score with some basic necessities such as Markets, Schools, Healer's Houses, and Wells. You'll be able to increase the bonus even further by Upgrading these buildings.

That's that for our guide on Farthest Frontier Desirability. Why not check out some of our other guides, too?


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