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Our guide on Farthest Frontier Diseases will tell you how to prevent Diseases and how to cure your Villagers if they happen to get sick!

How Farthest Frontier Diseases Work

Much like real life, Farthest Frontier DIseases will affect people who are injured or are exposed to unsanitary conditions. Providing clean Water and Soap will go a long way to stopping a lot of problems.

Despite your best efforts, Villagers will inevitably get sick at some point. A Healer's House (or its Upgraded versions) can treat many sicknesses after the fact. You can improve the chances of your patients by Building an Apothecary Shop to produce Medicine.

Farthest Frontier Diseases Guide - Sick Residents
Sick Villagers will stay home until they get better.

How to Prevent Farthest Frontier Diseases

There are six simple things you can do to prevent Farthest Frontier Diseases:

  1. Ensure there are enough Wells for all of your Villagers. If Wells are running dry, you need more.
  2. Build a Compost Yard and make sure it's collecting Waste in a timely fashion. If not, build another one to spread out the workload.
  3. Make sure your Villagers are supplied with Shoes from a Cobbler. You should always have some extra Shoes on hand to replace ones that wear out.
  4. Avoid melee combat with animals (which can cause rabies) or enemy humans (which can cause Festering Wounds).
  5. Ensure there is adequate Firewood for your Village at all times.
  6. Build a Rat Catcher once you start storing Grains.

There are a number of Diseases you might have to deal with as shown in our list below. There may be others we have not yet discovered, but following the above tips will help you avoid most problems.


  • Caused by - Drinking contaminated Water.
  • How to Prevent It - Ensure there are enough Wells for your Villagers and that the Compost Yards are collecting Waste promptly.


  • Caused by - Lack of Water
  • How to Prevent It - Ensure there are enough Wells for your Villagers.


  • Caused by - Lack of clean Water.
  • How to Prevent It - Ensure that there are enough Wells for all of your Villagers.


  • Caused by - Lack of Firewood in cold weather.
  • How to Prevent It - Ensure that there is enough Firewood for your Villagers. Exposure can be fatal quickly, so make sure you don't run out of Firewood!

Festering Wound

  • Caused by - Taking damage in combat with an enemy human.
  • How to Prevent It - Avoid fighting Raiders and enemy Soldiers in the open where possible. If a Villager does get hurt, make sure you have a Healer's House to treat their wounds.

Food Poisoning

  • Caused by - Eating uncooked food.
  • How to Prevent It - Ensure Villagers have enough Firewood so that they can cook their Food.

Foot Wound

  • Caused by - Lack of Shoes
  • How to Prevent It - Build a Cobbler and produce enough Shoes for everybody.

Fractured Bone

  • Caused by - Injuries while working.
  • How to Prevent It - Fractured Bones cannot be prevented, but they can be treated if you have a Healer's House (or one of its Upgraded versions).


  • Caused by - Unknown, likely random chance.
  • How to Prevent It - Influenza cannot be prevented as far as I can tell. However, ensuring there are Herbs on hand and a Healer's House is built will increase the chances that the afflicted Villager will recover and survive.


  • Caused by - Getting bitten by rabid Animals.
  • How to Prevent It - Don't get bitten by Animals.


  • Caused by - A lack of ascorbic acid, which is typically found in fruits.
  • How to Prevent It - Ensure that your Villagers have an adequate supply of Berries and Fruits. Build an Orchard and plant some Fruit Trees if this continues to be a problem.


  • Caused by - Untreated Foot Wound.
  • How to Prevent It - Have a Healer's House Built to treat the Foot Wound before it gets worse.


  • Caused by - Dirtiness and Rats
  • How to Prevent It - Produce enough Soap for everyone, use Rat Catchers, and ensure that the Compost Yard is collecting Waste in a timely fashion.


  • Caused by - Dirtiness and Bare Feet
  • How to Prevent It - Produce enough Soap for everyone, use Rat Catchers, and ensure that your Villagers have Shoes (which are made at a Cobbler using Pelts.)

That's the end of our guide on Farthest Frontier Diseases -- why not have a gander at some of our other guides below, too? 

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