How to Kill a Bear in Farthest Frontier

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If you're wondering how to kill a Bear in Farthest Frontier, you're in the right place! We'll tell you the best way to kill a Bear (and hopefully survive).

How to Kill a Bear in Farthest Frontier

As with most enemies, you can kill a Bear in Farthest Frontier by attacking it. However, attempting to attack with only a handful of Villagers will result in a lot of deaths.

In the early game, you'll want to treat a Bear attack as if it were Raiders -- sound the alarm at the Town Center and hope that the Villagers can shoot it to death before it causes too much damage.

Later on, your Settlement will have better static defenses such as Fences, Walls, and Lookout Towers. Lookout Towers are especially helpful for defeating Bears (or at least driving them away), but these won't always solve the problem permanently. Sometimes, you'll have to turn the hunter into the hunted.

Best Way to Kill a Bear in Farthest Frontier

Best Way to Kill a Bear in Farthest Frontier

The best way to kill a Bear in Farthest Frontier is by attacking it with a large group of VIllagers -- at least 20 Villagers is what I would consider a good number to get the job done, but more wouldn't hurt.

Unlike Wolves, you can't rely on precision shots from a small group of Hunters to do enough meaningful damage to a Bear before it closes into melee range. Therefore, your best tactic will be to absolutely overwhelm the Bear with so much melee damage that it dies before it can kill too many of your Villagers.

As far as battles go, fighting a Bear is a tough one -- you must always accept the risk that one or more of your Villagers will be killed despite your best efforts. Still, it's a better alternative than letting the Bears run around wild and unchallenged.

Now that you know how to kill a Bear in Farthest Frontier, why not expand your knowledge of the game with some of our other guides?


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