How to Kill a Wolf in Farthest Frontier

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How to Kill a Wolf in Farthest Frontier - cover

This guide will tell you how to kill a Wolf in Farthest Frontier and how to destroy Wolf Dens, saving your Villagers from constant Predator attacks!

How to Kill a Wolf in Farthest Frontier

You can kill a Wolf in Farthest Frontier by attacking, either with a Villager, a Lookout Tower, a Barracks, or by Garrisoning Villagers in your Town Hall.

It is not a good idea to let a normal Villager fight a Wolf one-on-one -- even if the Villager manages to kill the Wolf, she or he will likely end up severely wounded. They may even die from their wounds.

The exception to this rule is Hunters, Guards, and Soldiers. Each of these three kinds of Villagers are armed with Weapons at all times and will almost always win in a fight against a single Wolf. Fighting more than one Wolf at the same time, however, reduces their chances of success.

Best Way to Kill a Wolf in Farthest Frontier

The best way to kill a Wolf in Farthest Frontier is to attack it with groups of people, preferably with ranged weapons. If you move carefully and attack before the Wolf can close the distance, you'll be able to kill it without any of your Villagers taking damage.

 How to Kill a Wolf in Farthest Frontier - Wolf Den

How to Destroy a Wolf Den in Farthest Frontier

You can destroy a Wolf Den by killing all of the Wolves surrounding it and then attacking the Wolf Den in melee.

Your Villagers exploring the land will often come across Forageables and Animal spawns. Unfortunately, they may also encounter a Wolf Den.

Your best bet for dealing with a Wolf Den is to manually select at least two Hunters and have them work in a pair. Two Hunters can almost kill a Wolf with one volley of their Bows. Pick off the surrounding Wolves one at a time. Once that's done, attack the Wolf Den to destroy it and remove the threat.

Do keep in mind, destroying a Wolf Den won't prevent Wolves from spawning. It will, however, remove a great concentration of these deadly predators from the map.

That's the end of our guide on how to kill a Wolf in Farthest Frontier! Check out some of our other guides below:

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