Man At Arms has been turning video game and other nerd weapons into actual things for quite a while, but it’s finally tackled recreating a Pokemon.

Honedge comes from the new X and Y, a Ghost and Steel type, and once again the show does an excellent job of it’s recreation. For other assorted video game-related blacksmithing videos, be sure to check out the rest of the Man At Arms show, on it’s channel AWE me. They’ve tackled everything from the Energy Sword from Halo to Batman’s Batarangs. You want to see a real-life representation of Finn’s Golden Sword from Adventure Time? You got it.

While the montage-style video is nice, I’ve always wanted to see the process a bit more in-depth, really going through the steps and getting all educational about it. Though, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of seeing iconic weaponry busting through everyday objects in slow-motion.

Seth Kellen

Seth firmly believes that there isn't a good way to make a bio sound anything less than pretentious without tossing in a self-referential meta joke, so here we are. Also I talk about video game music a lot.