Let’s Play Titanfall Beta Xbox One

Aaron Blevins / February 18, 2014 at 8:15 AM / Gaming

Despite the lucky few who got into the Alpha, this is the public’s first good look at the upcoming blockbuster Titanfall.  After plenty of time with the Beta I must say, that the Hype for this game is legit and I couldn’t put the controller down thanks to such a fresh feeling!  So I dive in to show off some gameplay and some of the detailed features (we also kick the other teams butt)

I’ve included two gameplay videos for you all to enjoy, one in Angel City and the other in Fracture.  While I love small tight maps like Angel City, I must say the gameplay fits perfect into a map the size of Fracture.  Even as a pilot with no Titan, I still was able to move around and do plenty of damage. As a huge Halo and COD player, I must say I am highly impressed thanks to the time I spent with the beta.  Once you get a team together, I could see this being very strategic.

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