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TJ Sprague

Staff Writer

I'm a writer for TechRaptor, reader, and mascot platformer enthusiast. When I'm not writing or playing games you can find me playing bass, drinking IPAs, or binge watching Parks & Recreation again.

worldofwarcraft 100x100

Nostalrius Admins Teasing Relaunch of Vanilla WoW Server

Fans of the “good ol’ days” of World of Warcraft may soon see news of classic servers, even if it is not through official (or legal) means. Earlier this year,…

blizzard games 100x100

Blizzard Voice Available Now

Fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s games may notice a new feature in their soon to be known as Blizzard Tech app: Blizzard voice. This new functionality uses Blizzard’s app as a hub…

BF1Glitch 100x100

Battlefield 1 Glitch Drops Resolution to 160×90

Many gamers, myself included, don’t put a heavy emphasis on graphical fidelity. A game’s aesthetic doesn’t matter much when the gameplay is good in theory. Gameplay is far more important…

dangonronpaV3 100x100

New Dangonronpa V3 Information Revealed

Spike Chunsoft revealed new details about New Dangonronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing on the official website. An article from Gematsu presents the translated information from Danganronpa’s website. Expect a similar…

burlymeanatsea feature 100x100

Burly Men at Sea Review- Visual Storybook

The visual novel genre thrives as a niche both on Steam and major mobile platforms. With so many available for purchase, choosing a single game becomes overwhelming and it can…

mafia3 100x100

Mafia 3 on PC No Longer Capped at 30 FPS

PC gamers (myself included) can be a picky bunch. We spend an exorbitant amount of money on our gaming rigs and expect high performance with it. That is not always…

aquadome 100x100

Rocket League’s DLC pack Aquadome launches today

Rocket League started as a small indie project from experienced game developers and is now a gaming phenomenon. Psyonix continues to push more DLC for the soccer meets RC car…

Rainbow6Siege 100x100

Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition Available now on Amazon and Steam

Ubisoft announced earlier today that the Starter Edition of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has come to Amazon and Steam. The competitive first-person shooter with a heavy emphasis on teamwork launched…

PlayStation Experience Header 100x100

PlayStation Experience Date and Location Announced

Sony recently announced the dates and location of the third annual PlayStation Experience event. PlayStation fans can get their hands on upcoming games at the Anaheim Convention Center in California…

Xbox One Family S and Scorpio Header 100x100

First Party Games on Project Scorpio to Run Natively in 4k

The natural evolution of graphical fidelity in gaming is upping the resolution. The more pixels that create the image, the more life-like the image becomes. According to an interview with…