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Rocket League's DLC pack Aquadome launches today

October 4, 2016

By: TJ Sprague

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Rocket League started as a small indie project from experienced game developers and is now a gaming phenomenon. Psyonix continues to push more DLC for the soccer meets RC car game. The developer announced Rocket League’s latest DLC pack, Aquadome, launches later today. Players will dive into a new arena, two new cars, and plenty more.

The newest arena offers a Bioshock-esque aesthetic with a steel dome underwater. The new stage sports music from the artist Drunk Girl.



Players can also purchase two new cars for $1.99 each. The Triton resembles a torpedo on wheels, while the Proteus looks like a mini-submarine.


The classic cars Hotshot and Road Hog will receive redesigns as well. These revamped appearances intend to streamline cars that may not seem as polished as the others.

Players can pick up more car customization with several new free items. The Champion Series III Crate offers even more customization but requires the use of a purchasable key to open. The funds obtained from the keys help fund Psyonix’s push for Rocket League’s eSports division. Those who are lucky enough can get the new import battle-car, titled Breakout Type-S, from the Champion Series III crate.


The DLC acquired from Aquadome is purely aesthetic. They do not have any impact on Rocket League’s gameplay, continuing Psyonix's trend of premium DLC being skins, while content updates are free to all players.

If you want to read the complete patch notes, they are available here.

Quick Take


While I fell off the Rocket League bandwagon, it is great to see how strong of a community Psyonix created. I am excited to see where the company takes the game next and if they have any other projects in the works.

Are you excited for the new Rocket League DLC? What do you want to see Psynoix do next with the game? Let us know in the comment below!