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Enter the Gungeon's Supply Drop Update Coming Soon

September 4, 2016

By: TJ Sprague

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April 05,2016 (Calendar)
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It’s nearly time to shoot back into the bullet-riddled labyrinth of Dodge Roll Games’ Enter the Gungeon with a new expansion titled the Supply Drop Update.

The procedurally generated twin-stick shooter, released early this year, offers a fast-paced and brutal challenge that few players have mastered. The game is already brimming with guns, rooms, enemies, and much more. However, according to a post from the developer on Steam, fans of the game are about to get more it. The upcoming update will feature a plethora of new rooms, guns, bosses, enemies, and much more to uncover.


Dodge Roll Games briefly discusses one new weapon called the Bullet Gun. The gun sports a bullet shape but shoots out more guns, which shoot out more bullets. Players will also find a new companion to help in their quest. Ser Junkan rewards players for picking up junk which currently has few uses, as the name implies. It makes a nearly useless item more versatile.



A few screenshots offer a brief look into the upcoming update. It showcases new enemies that resemble Lovecraftian inspired creatures. They are similar to the otherworldly monsters of Bloodborne but cuter and with more guns.

The Supply Drop Update will be available free of charge. While Dodge Roll has yet to announce the release date for the expansion, it is set to launch in the fall on the PC and shortly after on the PS4. For those who cannot wait to get hands-on with the myriad of new features can get try out the game this weekend at PAX West.


What do you think of the upcoming Supply Drop Update? Have you tried out Enter the Gungeon yet? If you haven't then what's holding you back? What common household objects would you like to see turned into guns in the next update? Let us know in the comments section below!

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