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play nyc 2019 graffiti games - insufficient adjectives 1

Play NYC 2019: Dean Razavi and His Trio of Games


Dean Razavi is a man that I've met more than a few times at past Playcrafting events.

The 6 Coolest Mobile Games We Saw at Play NYC 2019

TR Originals

Play NYC 2019 wasn't just about PC and console games; there were plenty of mobile games there as well. Some of these were exclusively mobile, but others were multiplatform affairs.

haiduc books

Play NYC 2019: Mary Georgescu Talks Haiduc, Romanian Outlaws, and Narrative Experiences


"Haiduc" is both the name of a game and a company. Founded by Mary Georgescu, this company largely focuses on tabletop games with interesting narratives.

zer0 inbox - explaining

Play NYC 2019: Zer0 Inbox Demo Clears The Board


Dilbert, Office Space, and The IT Crowd.

play nyc 2019 graffiti games - cover

Play NYC's Graffiti Games Celebrated LGBTQ+ Experiences (and They Were Pretty Darn Fun)


The Play NYC 2019 Graffiti Games made an interesting showing this year.

blinks! black

Play NYC 2019: Blinks Lights Up The Gaming Scene


Blinks was one of the few games at Play NYC that I did not see intentionally.

pure botg

Play NYC 2019: Pure: Birth of the Goddess Delivers Platform Announcement


When I was at Playcrafting’s Spring 2019 Expo, one of the games that was in development and caught my eye was Pure: Birth of the Goddess by AngryOtterGames.

miasma caves basalt caves update

Miasma Caves Basalt Caves Update Adds Depth


The Miasma Caves Basalt Caves Update is here, adding another layer of depth to this exploration and adventure game from Windy Games.

bose ar hands-on - glasses

Bose AR Packs a Lot of Sound in a Small Package


Bose is, quite literally, a household name. Whether it's your home stereo or the speakers in your vehicle, almost everyone knows about Bose.

play nyc 2019 totem

Play NYC 2019: Totem Delivers Magic


As was previously mentioned in my coverage of Play NYC 2019, I’m a sucker for a cool logo, and that is exactly what drew me to Other Moon Games’ Totem.