Play NYC 2017 - StarCrossed

Published: September 7, 2017 9:30 AM /


StarCrossed Promo Art Top Three Gals

StarCrossed can be described as "magical girl ping-pong," though it's a bit more complex than that. That's the gist of it and that's what hooked me. I love manga, anime, and all things weeb, so of course I was drawn to the booth with magical girls adorning the surrounding area. The gist of it is that you play one of two magical girls and a friend takes control of your partner. The two of you are floating in space with a star bouncing back and forth between you. Starcrossed, aptly named, is about positioning your characters effectively in order to slay the enemies on the map with you. The star seemed to move at a pretty consistent pace. It wasn't a linear movement, either—it curves as you move. This makes for a bit more interesting gameplay, as there's more to the game than bouncing a celestial ping-pong ball between your two magical girls. Curving the projectile—intentionally or not—can be the difference between whether you hit your target or not. I asked the person manning the booth if they had any plans for A.I., and it seems that they'll be sticking to a truly cooperative experience for the moment. This is a game that genuinely requires unity between two people for the concept to work. Much like Awkward Date, an A.I. will likely be either too bad or too good at the game and ruin the fun. It needs a human element, and that human element is you and a friend. If StarCrossed sounds like your kind of jam, you'll have to wait until the game is finished being made. For the moment, a demo is available to play for PC and Mac users alike on Contigo Games' page. Grab a friend a go check it out! What do you think of StarCrossed? Do you think cooperative games should have an AI available for when you're playing solo or do you prefer the human experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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