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I was walking down an aisle at Play NYC when I suddenly found myself kidnapped by Playful People indie game studio and sitting down at a table with a phone placed in front of me. Despite my protests that I’m not a music person—no really, I’m terrible with it—I was assured that it was a game for non-musical people. Then I began playing Repertoire.

The best way I can describe it is that it’s like a piano version of DDR for your fingers. Blocks fall from the top of the screen and head towards a line in the middle. Just as it starts to hit the line, you need to tap under it and keep your finger there until the bar is finished. Simple right? Well, not quite, considering you can have as many as four bars at a time on the line, all with different starting and end times.

Repertoire is a challenging experience and does require coordination, not to mention the ability to keep your attention on all parts of the screen at once. For experienced players of other musical games, like DDR, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, it shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge as it operates on a similar system. For those who have poor hand eye coordination—myself included—it’ll be a little more difficult. That’s not to say that non-musical players should be put off from playing. It’s a fun experience, and offers a nice, relaxing classical music experience, as opposed to DDR’s frenetic beats or Guitar Hero’s hard rock.

The bottom line is that Repertoire was a very fun demo and seemed to be a great way to introduce non-musical people to classical music in an interactive way. I could also see it being used to introduce kids to the concepts of music and playing piano in particular, and I eagerly await the early access version coming out.

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