Corsair Vengeance m65 Mouse Review

Published: Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 09:00 | By: Ken Anderson

With the increasing amount of fantastic deals on PC gaming titles from online download services like Steam, Origin, and a plethora of other sites, it's no wonder more people are turning towards PC gaming than ever before. For people looking into getting a gaming PC or new hardware for their existing rig, researching into your mouse and keyboard is a big factor in how you're going to get the most out of your gaming experience. Today I will be reviewing the Vengeance m65 gaming mouse by Corsair, talking about some of it's features, design, and the benefits of adding a gaming mouse to your PC gaming setup.



[caption id="attachment_2537" align="aligncenter" width="240"]The m65 - GunMetal Black with blue LEDs The m65 - GunMetal Black with blue LEDs[/caption]


One of the first attention-grabbers to this mouse is it's design. It's sleek paneling with the angular stainless steel chassis will make this mouse stand out to you on the retail shelves for sure. This particular product comes in three color schemes: GunMetal Black, the scheme I chose that has blue LEDs, Arctic White, also with blue LEDs, and Military Green, with impressively boisterous orange LEDs. The LEDs on the mouse are found under the scroll wheel and they also illuminate the scroll-speed buttons. The stainless steel does a great, yet subtle job at reflecting the LED light throughout the mouse for that cool, futuristic glow when you're gaming in the dark. The USB cord that comes with the mouse is tightly-woven black fabric cord that is has shown no signs of fraying or wear from dragging over edges on my desk, which inadvertently became an issue with my last mouse, exposing it's wires and requiring me to get a new one. It's worth noting that it's a standard-sized ergonomic mouse. If you have large hands and find most standard-size mice to be uncomfortable, you might want to look for something else to suit your needs.

Under the mouse is pretty standard fair, including PTFE glide pads, scratch-resistant plastic patches that keep the steel bottom off your work surface. (less scratching on the contact pads equals less drag in the long run!) The mouse also features 3 evenly-spaced weight screws, which allow you to add or subtract weight to any area of the mouse to your own benefit. Honestly, I've tried adding and removing weights in my mouse and though the weight difference is noticeable, it hasn't done too much for or against me. It's there for you to play around with, though.

And what would a mouse be without buttons? The left and right click buttons are responsive and quiet, rated for 20 million clicks, much more robust for all the click-mashing you'll be doing in your gaming ventures ahead. The scroll wheel is stainless steel with a rubber cover, making it heavy, dense, and wonderful. I've always found games that use the mouse wheel for weapon or item selection on-the-fly to be annoying in the past, but then again, I wasn't using a gaming mouse to play those games. You'll appreciate the difference the scrolling will make for you in those situations. Lastly, there is the precision aim and scroll speed buttons that I'll be going into detail in the next section below.

[caption id="attachment_2541" align="aligncenter" width="240"]m65program The program allows deep customization into your mouses features.[/caption]


If the design of the mouse didn't pique your interest, then I'm sure what the mouse can do for you, especially while gaming, will draw your attention. Like most gaming mice, the m65 features programmable buttons to customize your experience, gaming or otherwise. On top of the mouse under the scroll wheel are two buttons to control scrolling speed, with and LED array in the middle to indicate whether your scroll speed is. This is extremely useful for on-the-fly adjustments, as some games, even when changing in-UI scroll speeds, will have discrepancies between in-game scrolling and menu scrolling, which can be a bother. There are also programmable forward and backward buttons by the right thumb that will on default setting will act as next or back buttons on your web browser, but can be changed to have practically any function you'd need them to have. The mouse might not have macro buttons like some of the more high-end Razr mice, but this mouse is not $100+ like most of those offerings, so beware to check your macro options before investing in this guy. The crown jewel, at least for me that became an unexpected benefit more than I thought it would, was the precision button. This is the red button by the right thumb that has the cross hair on it. When held down, it will drop the DPI of your mouse to 400 (by default), allowing for extreme precision during sniping situations in a game, or careful photo or graphical editing. At first I didn't use it much, but playing such games as Sniper Elite V2 or using iron sights or scoping in just about any FPS you'll notice a difference.

The mouse's laser is sensitive up to 8200 DPI, more than capable for even the calmest and most precise of hands. This is all controllable through Corsair's proprietary program that (sadly) is not included in the package, but is downloadable for free on Corsair's website. The program has a bevy of customization options for just about anything you can imagine you'd want to change with your mouse. You can assign any button on the mouse to perform a function or set of functions (macros). It will allow you to turn off the LEDs, assign anywhere from 50 to 8200 DPI for the 3 tiers of scroll-speed buttons, and even a test diagnostic for the mouses laser to rate the quality of the surface it's on. My m65 rates my bare-desk surface quality approximately at 80% efficiency, and I haven't experienced any issues, sans mouse pad. You can even change the the X and Y axis DPI, just in case you might want your mouse to scroll fast left and right than up and down, in laymen's terms. Another awesome feature about the mouse and its program is that all these settings can be saved as profiles, so you can have multiple sets of profiles for different things you may be doing with your computer. The best part about this is that you can save these profiles to the mouse itself, and take the mouse to another PC that has the program installed and resume playing the same way without having to re-configure the mouse between computers all the time. This is especially for those of you that might use a gaming mouse between a desktop computer and a laptop while out and about.

Summary and final thoughts:

All in all, I think it's evident that I like this mouse, and has sung it's praises. If you're looking for something sleek and stylish to accompany your awesome gaming rig, this is your mouse. If you're looking for a fair amount of customization and control for your PC gaming for the decent price of $70, this is your mouse. Cleaning might be an issue for you down the road if you get anything dirty or sticky in the "gills" of the steel on the back undercarraige of the mouse, seeing as all the angular features of the mouse would make cleaning it an interesting task. Also, for in-depth cleaning, the mouse does not feature standard screw bits to disassemble the mouse for cleaning in-between the buttons, so the old tooth-pick method will have to do. It's a minor issue that the mouse doesn't have the management program on a disk with the mouse, but it's available in the downloads section of the mouses page on Corsair's site.

I give this product a 4.5 stars out of 5 for it's ease-of use, style, customization ability, and cost. I would recommend this mouse to anyone who needs something better than the standard $30 mouse for their gaming, but can't justify the $100+ multiple-macro mice that are on the market. Please look forward to my Corsair Vengeance K70 gaming keyboard review that will be out later this week, if you're looking for a great matching keyboard for this mouse!


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