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Promotional art for Undertale

The band Anamanaguchi has created a cover for Hopes and Dreams, a song for Undertale that was inspired by Anamanaguchi's music.

Undertale Xbox Game Pass release cover

An Undertale Xbox Game Pass release has been announced, but it's not coming back to PC — instead, this quirky RPG is finally arriving on Xbox

Undertale Strings of Determination Review

The first time I played UNDERTALE I was blown away, not by the game's interesting and ever-changing game mechanics, combat situations, pacifism, or

Shortly before Undertale launched on PS4 and PS Vita, the full trophy of the game was dropped, spoiling some surprises on how developer Toby Fox

StoryBundle Video Game Bundle Undertale Novel Header

As much as we'd all like to, and as much as phone games and Nintendo try, we can't play games all the time.


At this point you've probably heard of hit indie game Undertale.


The video game community is never one to back down from a righteous cause and the opportunity to help others.

In Undertale, players will control a human boy in his quest to leave the Underground and return to the surface.