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Some of the books offered by the Pathfinder RPG Humble Bundle.
Become a Pathfinder Master with Humble RPG Bundle
The classic tabletop RPG massively discounted
A screenshot of the combat in Broken Lines
Tactical WWII RPG Broken Lines Launches Early 2020
Coming To PC And Switch
Key art for Broken Lines depicting three soldiers
Game Page
Broken Lines
Broken Lines is a tactical RPG taking place during an alternate-history World War II.
Sea of Thieves: The Seabound Soul cover
Sea of Thieves: The Seabound Soul Unleashes Fire and Ash
New Tall Tale Has You Hunting Spectral Pirates
The logo for WolfEye Studios
Arkane Studios Veterans Launch WolfEye
Small Studio, Big Games
SNACK WORLD: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold box art
SNACK WORLD: The Dungeon Crawl - GOLD Heads West in 2020
Delve Into Delicious Dungeons
The key art for Widget Satchel
Game Page
Widget Satchel
Widget Satchel is a cute 2D Metroidvania-lite (or "Ferretroidvania" according to developer Noble Robot).
An in-game screenshot of Widget Satchel
Cause Some Ferret Mischief In Widget Satchel
Coming To PC And Switch November 27th
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Club Plans
Animal Crossing: Pocket Plan Club Details and Pricing Revealed
Cookies and Helpers are Here
Pokemon Sword and Shield shiny comparison
Pokemon Sword and Shield Shiny Versions Have Two Different Types
Stars or Squares Show the Difference
Lego DC Play Together
The Steam Play Together Feature has Launched, Includes Sale
Do You Even Have Friends?
Borderlands 3 DLC
First Borderlands 3 Campaign DLC Announced
Mad Moxxi's Time to Shine
Minecraft on Switch is First Microsoft Game to Break 1 Million Sales in Japan
world of warcraft
The Dungeon Master - A Talk with Ex-Blizzard Designer John Staats
The Life of a Dungeon
Prototype of Divinity Original Sin Board Game
Divinity Original Sin Board Game Funded Fast on KS
Announced and fully funded in four hours
Sniper Elite The Board Game cover art Rebellion Unplugged
Sniper Elite The Board Game Revealed Alongside Rebellion Unplugged Studio
Aim Small, Miss Small
Pokemon Preview Image Placeholder
How to Hunt for Shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield
The Masuda Method and more
Bobby Kotick Captain Price
Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Wants to Keep Politics Out of His Games
Keeps Focus on the Games, Not the World
Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Revelations
Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Revelations DLC Live Alongside GOG Franchise Sale
PC and Consoles Get Fantastic 4X Fun
The Roku main menu
Roku Releases Fix For Pokémon Crash Cycle
Gotta Crash 'Em All
PUBG crates locked
Starting Today, PUBG Crates Will No Longer Be Locked
Throw Away the Key
The logo for audio drama Assassin's Creed Gold
Ubisoft Announces Audio Drama Assassin's Creed Gold
Venom Actor Riz Ahmed Set To Star
Fighting a skeleton in Elderborn
Elderborn Bursts Out Of Early Access January 30th
Smiting Scary Skeletons
The Elderborn logo
Game Page
Elderborn is an old-school first-person melee brawler inspired by the exploration gameplay of Dark Souls, the style of Dark M
The logo for Detroit: Become Human against a black background
Game Page
Detroit: Become Human
Detroit: Become Human is a futuristic sci-fi thriller from the creators of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls (as well as 
An android in Detroit: Become Human
Detroit: Become Human Hits PC December 12th
Do The Robot
Snoop Dogg
There are Snoop Dogg Branded Gaming Headsets Coming Soon
The D O Double G
Be Some Peaceful Dwarves in Upcoming Townbuilder Dwarrows
Dig a Hole
Dead by Daylight
Dead By Daylight Getting New Killer and Survivor
The Only Oni
Galarian Pokemon
All The Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Versions
London Calling