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The System Shock remake logo showing SHODAN in all her glory.


You'll be able to face SHODAN once again in the System Shock remake, which finally has a release window set for sometime in March 2023.

Cultic review


Developed by Jasozz Games and published by 3D Realms, in Cultic, you'll traverse various levels fighting off cultists and other creepy enemies.

system shock remake


We got a hands-on demo for the System Shock remake at PAX West. Check out our preview from the show floor.

Fallen Aces

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Fallen Aces is a FPS that's about the story of one man with two fists against Switchblade City. It plays like a 90's shooter and looks like a comic

fallen aces


Fallen Aces is the latest FPS from New Blood Interactive.

Thief 2 gamepage header

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Thief II: The Metal Age continues the story of Garrett, master thief, and the City he resides in.

Thief II art


Take a look at the story of the dedicated Thief fan community at TTLG and their amazing creations in light of Thief II's twentieth.

Thief: Gold artwork

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Thief: The Dark Project is a first-person immersive stealth game set in a noir medieval fantasy world where civilization and the supernatural are