Point And Click

Point And Click

Strangeland Key Art

Enter an odd world filled with hideous and haunting reflections of a freakish carnival in Strangeland, the latest game from publisher Wadjet Eye. Strangeland is a classic point-and-click adventure

Chronicle of Innsmouth Mountains of Madness Key Art

The latest in the Chronicles of Innsmouth series serves as a prequel to the first game, and continues the tradition of adventure games with Lovecraftian tinge to them. Play as private investigator

The Secret of Monkey Island Custom Key

The classic adventure game from LucasArts is perhaps one of the funniest, most well known ever created.  Play as Guybrush Threepwood, the wanna-be pirate as he explores Melee Island as he undergoes

Sam and Max Save the World Key Art

Everyone's favorite crime-fighting duo return to 3D in their first outing with Telltale Games, Sam & Max: Save the World.  The Freelance Police are on the case when former child stars begin

Beyond A Steel Sky

Beyond A Steel Sky is the long awaited sequel to Beneath A Steel Sky. In this point-and-click adventure you're tasked with unraveling the mystery of a lost child in one of the worlds last remaining

Lamplight City game page questions

The steampunk-ish port of Lamplight City is surrounded by mystery. Poverty, class struggle, and crime are rampant, and there's more than a few murderers lurking about. Former police detective turned

The key art for Still There

Still There is a psychological adventure game developed by the folks who worked on multiplayer FPS Blockstorm. You play as Karl, a bored spaceman living out day after repetitive day on the Bento

A stylised logo for Rauniot

Rauniot is a post-apocalyptic adventure game set in an alternate-future Finland. Cataclysms have blighted the world, leaving humanity struggling to survive in isolated pockets. You play as Aino, a

puppetoftersa techraptor

The Puppet of Tersa is an adventure point and click game that has a story-book aesthetic fitting with its main protagonist, a young girl called Cynthia. An episodic adventure, the game released a