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Published: Friday, May 24, 2013 - 09:00 | By: Rutledge Daugette

In the realm of mobile games, RPG style action games that allow you to explore are few and far between, but quickly growing. Dungeon Hunter 4 looks to be everything that most action RPG players are looking for when you first look at it. The combat is challenging the majority of the time, you have a broad range of weapons to choose from as you level up and kill monsters and open chests, and you can customize your armor and weapons with charms to make them more powerful. With impressive graphics, solid combat and controls, and a decent story, Dungeon Hunter 4 is worth a try at a free price.


You are a hero in Valenthia, a region beset by demon forces hell-bent on taking down everyone in their path. With the ability to play as a Battleworn, Blademaster, Warmage, or Sentinel, you have the option to pick a character with a skillset that fits how you'd like to play. With each level gained, up to 50 as the max, you will be able to add new skills to your repertoire against the demons who want to kill you. While you can beat the game without actually buying anything, in order to do it without a lot of grinding, you will likely need to spend money to get better weapons. If you need help though,

Dungeon Hunter 4

The controls are simple, well placed, and intuitive. With a  on-screen joystick on left of your screen, and your skills and attack button on the right, the controls are similar to that of a controller. With the control scheme changing based on the class you play, you will have a dedicated attack button, or a dual-stick style shooting control scheme. There is no lag time with the controls, and they are seamless and comfortable whether you play on a tablet or a phone.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Story

For the first portion of the game, you are able to use your hack and slash combat and range of skills to defeat the enemies you combat. While playing, you will find that you enjoy the freemium aspect of Dungeon Hunter 4, but it comes to the point where you must either grind for hours to make progress towards better gear, or pay real-world money to buy the weapons offered in the game's store. If you do end up paying for the items in the game's store, however, many of them are overpowered and will certainly give you the edge you need to beat your enemies every time.

Dungeon Hunter 4 graphics

While Dungeon Hunter 4 is a game with great gameplay, it is held back by being pay-to-win (easily).  The game is very enjoyable, to a point, due to the fact that you must either backtrack to become stronger through grinding out more exp and currency, or purchase overpowered weapons to be able to move on. That said, if you're willing to either grind it out or pay a small amount of money, the game is definitely worth your time.


Review Summary


What could be a fun game is terribly hindered by in-app purchases.



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