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Published: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 09:00 | By: Matthew Verniere
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Titanfull or Titanfail?

It was a Saturday afternoon when I decided to look at the PS4 collection that I have built up since November and said to myself, hmmm I bet I could get decent trade-in credit for those games. I jumped in my car and ran over to my local GameStop, traded in my games, and left with a Titanfall Xbox One bundle. This is not something I planned but very glad it happened. Titanfall is nothing like I had expected.

I am the type of gamer that sticks to what I believe is the core of gaming and what Video games were based upon and that is Single-Player. Multi-player gaming in my opinion is boring, repetitive, and un-satisfying. My opinion may also be based on how bad I am at some of the most popular multiplayer games. Never the less multiplayer is just not my cup of tea.

As many of you if not all of you are well aware, that Titanfall is complete multi-player title, even the training sequence requires an internet connection. This is completely unconventional for me and my gaming tastes. However, there was something that kept telling me play Titanfall you will be pleasantly surprised.

After the training I jumped right into the "campaign" that Titanfall has which drops you combat situations and gives you certain tasks in a multiplayer format. I was immediately hooked and was glad I choose to play the initial online campaign before jumping into the classic multiplayer that Titanfall offers.


My experiences up to this point have been overwhelmingly enjoyable. multiplayer matches are fast paced and very balanced in my opinion. You really feel as though you are dropped into these chaos ridden war-zones and have a purpose other than killing everyone on the other team.

In My Opinion Titanfall is a game that should be enjoyed by many different types of gamers and not just the hardcore Call of Duty/Battlefield fans. There is something really exciting that Titanfall offers that aren't normally found in most recent multiplayer games to this point and that is innovation.

You can pick up the digital copy of Titanfall on the Xbox Live Marketplace or the retail version on Amazon.

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