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The long awaited moment is here, and Respawn Entertainment delivered on their promise to give us a new and refreshing shooter experience. Titanfall, a multiplayer-only online game, puts players in the boots of "pilots" - soldiers that both fight on foot and within large military-style robots that are called "Titans". Players get access to Titans every few minutes, and then one will drop, hence the name - Titanfall.

If you play the PC version of Titanfall, or are planning to do so, Rutledge ran into some major issues with the billing and customer support side that sidelined him for a while. Check out his RaptorRant here!

The game has a fairly robust, yet quick, tutorial session - forcing you to essentially play out many of the scenarios you may encounter and getting you used to the controlers. The first non-tutorial thing I tried was the Campaign mode, a feature that essentially gives players a context-based multiplayer experience, pitting you against other players in 5v5 matches where you are out to accomplish a goal that proceeds the story. There was very little actual story, so if you're looking for a full campaign, you won't be getting it.

The Classic mode is essentially a mix of 5 modes. Attrition (Team Deathmatch), Last Titan Standing (Duke it out in Titans, last titan standing wins for their team), Hardpoint (Capture 3 points), Capture the Flag, and Pilot Hunter. Last Titan standing is a blast, Attrition is solid, and all the other game modes are fantastic as well.

The gameplay is very enjoyable, and incredibly fast paced. Most games last 10 or 15 minutes, and will have you at the edge of your seat as you take on Pilot, Titan, and Minion (bots that are also a part of the matches). Players are given choices between 3 classes, and 3 titans at the start of each battle, with the option to customize your pilot's loadout between each match. As you level up by completing matches and killing opponents you'll unlock weapons, perks, skills, and cards that will enhance your abilities in matches. The customization is pretty minimal, but that makes the games pretty even in terms of weaponry.

If you're looking for a Call of Duty clone...you're looking in the wrong place with Titanfall. Offering a shooter experience that is fresh and rewarding, Titanfall is incredibly enjoyable for anyone - and the skill level needed isn't as intense as some other FPS's. Titanfall lives up the anticipation. When Respawn Entertainment promised us that Titanfall would be awesome, they definitely were telling the truth.

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