Titanfall Frontier's Edge Release Date Announced


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Titanfall Frontier's Edge Release Date Announced

July 26, 2014

By: Andrew Otton

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March 11, 2014 (Calendar)
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Today at the San Diego Comic Con, the release date for the new Titanfall dlc, Frontier's Edge, was given to be July 31st. Frontier's Edge includes three new maps for players to enjoy. The announcement was made in a video at Comic Con, which you can view here.

The three new maps have their own unique characteristics. Haven has mountainous terrain that you can climb to get a better vantage on your enemies, as well as traps you can trigger. Dig site features an industrial setting with vantage points littered throughout the various machinery. And Export features close buildings for optimum pilot maneuvering, as well as various areas for Titans to fight for, including a vantage point of the whole map.

The Black Market and other updates will be going live on the 31st as well.

This adds in a much needed boost to feature and content variety in Titanfall, however, one must still wonder if maps are enough. So far the game has been criticized for getting stale to quickly, which it not a criticism that any multiplayer game wants leveled at them.


You may want to complain that the DLC only contains maps, but Respawn in the past has made it very clear that any changes to game mechanics will be free and given to all. That could be in the form of new game modes, new weapons, or anything else related to that.  So feel good knowing that you will never be restricted from gameplay behind a pay wall  - only if you want to play on a particular map.

If you are interested in Frontier's Edge, you can purchase it here for $9.99.