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Matthew Verniere

The visionary director that brought you the Dark Knight trilogy.....Wait! That isn't right? Tech guru, Gamer, and movie fanatic. Becoming a part of Tech Raptor is a true pleasure. I hope that not one, but all my articles reach you on a level of epicness you have never known. Also, make sure you search fast and take chances on every article I write. Some of them might be good. :-D

Articles by Matthew Verniere

TechWeek Featured
Techweek 2014 - Preview

Techweek Chicago is a weeklong festival celebrating the innovation ecosystem in the Windy City, with 7 days of exciting tech-related events culminating in a 3 day conference and expo.

Puzzle Quest Header
1 on 1 with Marvel Puzzle Quest Director Joe Fletcher

During our time time at C2E2, NerdyRaptor was fortunate enough to get some face time in with the developer of Marvel Puzzle Quest director Joe Fletcher.

Much of the Same (Samsung vs. Apple)

Sony Presents 'Project Morpheus'

Let the games begin (Bane voice). Sony shook the tech world with the announcement of their new VR headset. With Oculus Rift getting most of the screen time lately.

Android Wear

Yesterday Google released details on their next big wearable, which is a smart watch. Android wear is a customized Android OS with some amazing features.

IMO (In My Opinion) Titanfall

It was a Saturday afternoon when I decided to look at the PS4 collection that I have built up since November and said to myself, hmmm I bet I could get decent trade-in credit for those games.

Coding For Education (Computer Science As A Second Language)

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Review

Videogames & Education: Endless Possibility

LE MGS Ground Zeroes PS4 Revealed!

March 20th will launch both Ground Zeroes for the PS4 and a special LE Ground Zereos PS4 console for Japan only.