Xbox E3 2017- Deep Rock Galactic Coming to Xbox One

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Deep Rock Galactic Xbox

Helping round out Microsoft's list of games that were debuted at E3 2017 is Deep Rock Galactic, a FPS that can best be described as space-Minecraft or a more violent Astroneer, albeit with a few twists. Judging by the trailer, you and up to three of your friends get to play as space-dwarves (yes, the kind with the beards and all), redefining mining as we know it by jumping off space craft onto a planet surfaces, drilling down into the earth with a variety of implements including a giant drill, various explosives, pickaxes, and something that superficially resembles two large metallic, spinning, Q-tips.

Of course, it wouldn't be much of a game without enemies to fight, and perhaps most interestingly enough, most of Deep Rock Galactic's trailer shows the player holding and or using a variety of weapons including shotguns, pistols, flamethrowers, and miniguns. As the trailer implies, digging too deep will likely unleash giant space spiders, which will subsequently show up to try and kill you and your team of miners and robotic companion aides.

It should be noted that Deep Rock Galactic will feature "fully procedural and destructible environments", which really just means that flares and flashlights will be just as, if not more helpful, than having a good memory. In addition, there are different character classes, so while your dwarf may be more proficient at illuminating and creating a path for your fellow dwarves, those other dwarves might do a better job at protecting the team than you.

From a visual standpoint, Deep Rock Galactic is clearly not going for a realistic approach, having more in common with games like Borderlands than anything else. With colorful graphics and decidedly cartoonish, well, everything, Deep Rock Galactic is clearly aiming to be a more of a laid back game where you and your friends can shout at each other with really bad dwarven accents about how spiders are eating your brain on your quest for space gold.

Developed by Ghost Ship Games, Deep Rock Galactic will be part of the Xbox One X's console launch exclusives.

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