Deep Rock Galactic Season 3: Plaguefall Details Released

Published: October 26, 2022 4:51 PM /


Deep rock galactic Season 3 header image, where we see an infected rock with Rockpox

Prepare to dwell deep within the mine discovering Hoxxes and treasures unfounded in the Deep Rock Galactic Season 3: Plaguefall update. If you missed the premiere, or just need a recap, here is everything you need to know about the latest season. 

It appears that infected meteoroids are crashing into the Hoxxes at full speed, and with them lies a very dangerous disease; Rockpox. Luckily, it doesn't affect humans (well.. maybe a little bit), only rocks, but that also means that the entirety of your workspace is threatened. This means that your livelihood, your career, and your missions are at stake here. It is your job to discover these meteoroids and hoist them out and away from your precious mines. The hearts that dwell within these strange diseased meteors are very valuable though, and there are NPCs in the game who would be grateful to take them off your hands. 

There are new missions available that revolve around this Rockpox disease as well, where you will be expected to cleanse the could disease from the area. With these new missions come new tools that can be used to decontaminate the area, and new gear to equip to keep yourself safe from the disease as well. 

Mutated enemies within Deep Rock Galactic Season 3, who have been infected with Rockpox

Next up in the update is the new grenades. In previous updates, we saw new guns and weapons that took on strange abilities and forms. This time around, the different classes will see different "grenades". The Scout will get the Voltaic Stun Sweeper, the Driller will be able to obtain the Springloaded Ripper, the Engineer will be given a literal Shredder Swarm, and the Gunner can snag themselves a Tactical Leadburster. While it is not yet clear what these different grenades do, they sound like they are going to be super cool.

Of course, the new season will come fully equipped with the new Performance Pass. There will be several different cosmetic items to collect, items and resources to earn, and over 100 levels to reach within the performance pass. The update is set to release via Steam on November 3, 2022, and on Consoles on November 17, 2022. To read the full update, check out the Steam page here


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