E3 2017

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Strange Brigade Impressions


My demo at E3 2017 began with a class select screen, allowing me to choose from the four different characters, each with unique personalities and weapons.


Clearing the Air: The Good and Bad of E3 2017


There has been a lot of talk about E3 2017 and it being the first year the public has been allowed to attend the event, swelling the number of attendees from 50,300 last year to 68,400.


Lingering Questions of E3 2017: Bethesda's VR Push, Creation Club, and More!


E3 2017 may have come and gone, but of all the presentations at the event, one stood out among all the others, not for having the best show or debuting the best and most interesting games, but beca

Star Wars Battlefront II

Lingering Questions of E3 2017: EA and the Future of Anthem, Battlefront II, and A Way Out


Proportionately, EA debuted a lot of sequels this year during their EA Play event prior to E3.


Devolver Digital Accuses ESA For $100K Loss At E3 2017


Game publisher Devolver Digital has accused the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) for a $100,000 loss during E3.

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E3 2017 - Skull & Bones Hands On Impressions


E3 2017 proved to be a huge show for pirate based video gaming.

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Art

E3 2017 - Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Hands On Impressions


Even with the game's existence being leaked out weeks in advance, I'd say that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


E3 2017 - Nascar Heat 2 Hands On Impressions


As someone who grew up visiting half mile and dirt tracks weekly, NASCAR has been a pretty big part of my life. Unfortunately, I've never been as big of a fan of the official games as I wanted to.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved release date and free Ragnarok DLC revealed


Ark: Survival Evolved has been around for so long and sold so many copies that it's pretty easy to forget that it never actually "came out".

mulaka lienzo

E3 2017 - Mulaka Hands On Impressions


Devolver Digital, that you no doubt are aware of this year thanks to their stellar press conference, has a lot they show off games at across from the convention center at E3.