Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Game

Deep Rock Galactic is a 1-4 player cooperative shooter that has players teaming as a group dwarven miners in space. Embark on various mission types that will require you to mine, collect, or eliminate enemies to complete the mission, all while fighting off waves of space bugs. Every mission has a primary and secondary objective for players to complete to increase their experience and currency obtained at the end of the mission.

With a wide variety of environments, difficulties, and mission types - Deep Rock Galactic offers a lot of content to players to enjoy both solo or with friends. Play as, and level up, 4 different classes, with different weapons and perks that can be unlocked to enhance and improve your gameplay. Also, you can destroy pretty much everything around you in the procedurally generated caves!

Author's Note: Think Vermintide, but like, in space and with the addition of mining (and guns.)

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Ghost Ship Games
Release Date
May 13, 2020 (Calendar)
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