Tekken 8 Unveils Brand New Character Victor Chevalier, Voiced By A French Legend

Tekken 8 has revealed a brand new character, and his voice actor will be familiar to film fans.

Published: November 2, 2023 9:24 AM /


A close-up of the stylish new Tekken 8 character Victor Chevalier

Bandai Namco has revealed another of Tekken 8's new characters in the form of Victor Chevalier, a fighter who's never been seen in the series before.

As promised earlier this week, Victor is the first of two new fighters being revealed in November. His motto is "refined violence", which you can see in his fighting style.

Victor Chevalier pointing a gun off-camera while text at the bottom reads "Let this one-sided battle commence!" in Tekken 8
Tekken 8's Victor Chevalier is smooth as beurre.

He's from France, and he seems pretty proud of it; in his trailer, he says that "the sunset on the Seine" is what shows him "the preciousness of what [he needs] to protect".

The honey-smooth voice you can hear in Tekken 8's Victor Chevalier trailer belongs to none other than French acting legend Vincent Cassel.

You might know Cassel's name from movies like Black SwanEastern Promises, and the HBO TV series Westworld.

Throughout his debut trailer, we get to see Victor Chevalier's fighting style, and it is, indeed, refined.

He fights with flair, wielding a sword, a gun, and daggers in order to deal damage to his enemies. Victor seems like he'll mostly be a close-range fighter.

He's also got history with Raven, who takes over as his opponent for the second half of the trailer.

Victor's special is a twist on the classic "anime teleport" sword move; he slashes at his opponent with a powered-up sword, then appears on the other side of them after dealing his killing blow.

In short, Victor looks like the perfect choice for anyone who likes their Tekken 8 fighters on the slick side.

He joins Azucena and Jack-8 as a completely new addition to the roster, and they'll fight alongside fan favorites like Marshall Law, Jin Kazama, and Nina Williams.

Tekken 8 launches for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on January 26th, and it's one for the retro Tekken fans; the return of the Tekken Ball game mode has been confirmed, and leaks appear to show something akin to the classic Tekken Force mode as well.

In his Tekken 8 preview, TechRaptor's Robert Scarpinito describes the game as "another exciting, adrenaline-fueled entry in the series", so there's lots to look forward to.

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