Risk Of Rain 2 Scorched Acres Update Now Live - New Survivor And More

Published: June 27, 2019 9:20 AM /


risk of rain 2 scorched acres

Risk of Rain 2's first major content patch is live and available to download right now. The Scorched Acres patch adds a new survivor, a new stage, and plenty more.

The titular Scorched Acres stage is a mysterious forest installation which you'll explore at sunset. The installation is covered in smog from nearby fires. Scorched Acres acts as the new alternate third stage to Rallypoint Delta. The stage contains a new monster called the Clay Templar as well as the new Grovetender boss. The Grovetender sounds pretty nasty; it's capable of firing a homing wisp barrage and launching a burst of hooks from its masks. You can check out the trailer for Scorched Acres right here:


The trailer also shows off Risk of Rain 2's new Survivor. REX is a hybrid plant-robot creature which deals damage through its health. Several of REX's abilities cost health to use, but you can use the Survivor's primary fire mode to regain lost health. Here's a full run-down of REX's abilities:

  • Passive: Abilities apply WEAKEN, a debuff which reduces enemy armor, movement speed and damage.
  • Primary Fire: Fires three syringes in quick succession. The third syringe applies WEAKEN and heals REX.
  • Secondary Fire: REX sacrifices its own health to launch a seedpod mortar. Aims at a distant location and lands after a brief delay for huge damage.
  • Mobility: Launches REX backward and shoves all nearby enemies away and applies WEAKEN to them.
  • Ultimate: REX sacrifices its own health to fire a flower that PULLS all nearby enemies and ROOTS them.

Along with REX and the Scorched Acres map, the new update adds a bunch of extra stuff to Risk of Rain 2. Malachite enemies are new high-tier elites which can spawn in later difficulties. These enemies can temporarily disable player healing, which could be bad news for REX. There's an arsenal of new items and equipment to discover, including new Equipment and Incinerator drones. Developer Hopoo Games has also implemented some community feedback; the HUD will now display the current stage count and health bars will flash when you reach critical health.

There's a lot more stuff we didn't mention in Risk of Rain 2's Scorched Acres update. If you're interested, you can check out the full patch notesRisk of Rain 2 is available to buy now via Steam Early Access. Take a look at TechRaptor's preview of the game for more info.

Are you playing Risk of Rain 2? Looking forward to the new content update? Let us know in the comments below!



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