First Risk Of Rain 2 Survivor Announced For Upcoming Expansion

Published: January 31, 2022 1:00 PM /


The new Risk of Rain 2 survivor in the upcoming DLC expansion

A new Risk of Rain 2 survivor has been announced. The Railgunner is coming as one of two survivors in the upcoming Survivors of the Void DLC expansion, which launches later in 2022. She's great for anyone who wants to pop their enemies from afar and doesn't mind some lengthy cooldowns into the bargain.

Who is the new Risk of Rain 2 survivor?

The new Risk of Rain 2 survivor was announced during a livestream for the popular survive-'em-up held by developer Hopoo. She'll be part of the Survivors of the Void paid DLC pack, which will also bring another new survivor, along with new items, enemies, and more. The Railgunner is a long-range specialist with an M99 Sniper weapon that targets enemy weak spots and unleashes massive damage if you hit them. She's also got a short-range option in the form of an XQR Smart Round System, which can ward off enemies near you (although it probably won't win a fight for you).

The new Risk of Rain 2 survivor in action
Hopoo is promising FPS-style shooting for the new Risk of Rain 2 survivor.

Of course, you've got more tools in your arsenal than just your weapons. The Railgunner also has access to Concussion Devices, which you can either use to enhance mobility or to scatter your enemies so you can pick them off one by one. She also comes complete with a devastating special ability, Supercharge, which will wipe out bosses if you've got the right build. However, it will need to recharge for a few seconds afterwards, so make sure you're lining your shot up correctly.

When is the new Risk of Rain 2 expansion arriving?

You can expect the new Risk of Rain 2 expansion, Survivors of the Void, to launch on March 1st. It will bring with it two new survivors, as well as new items, new monsters, new levels, and lots more. Bear in mind that this isn't a free update like the game's anniversary content or its other patches; rather, it's a fully paid expansion that will set you back around $15 if you're intending to pick it up. Hopoo's Duncan Drummond says the expansion will be "bigger than anything we have ever done before", so it's significantly bigger in scope than a free update would be.

A new game mode in the Risk of Rain 2 Survivors of the Void expansion
The new Risk of Rain 2 Survivors of the Void expansion will add lots of new gameplay elements.

You can check out Risk of Rain 2 on PC and consoles right now. Unlike the first Risk of Rain, this one is fully 3D, but it features similar survival gameplay in which you must battle against the elements of an alien planet in order to keep yourself (and your friends) alive. As well as the upcoming expansion, there's likely plenty more content on its way for Risk of Rain 2, so hopefully we'll get a developer roadmap like last year's to peruse soon. In the meantime, be sure to check this one out if you're a survival game aficionado.

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