Paris Games Week PlayStation Live 2017 Recap

Published: October 30, 2017 4:13 PM /


PlayStation Live Paris Games Week

It's time for Paris Games Week again! This year Sony has shown up in full force with the PlayStation Live show. Sony has promised many announcements, so we've gone ahead and recapped everything that happened for you to read about it here.

After a slight delay the pre-show started at the time of 8:06am PST.

The show opened with a sizzle real of both recent releases like Knack 2 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, along with future releases like Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. We then got an intro from the team, which included Sid Shuman, PlayStation Access youtubers Rob Pearson and Hollie Bennett, and MLB The Show developer Ramone Russell. It was announced that there would be 21 Ps4 and PSVR games shown off along with 7 new game announcements during the pre-show.

Following this came the first new announcement: Guacamelee! 2, which will be "coming soon-ish". The game features the same art style, along with a level that featured "dimensional waves" which changed the puzzles and enemies as they flowed through the level. Of course, you can also play as a chicken and that's important. Co-op also returns, and the game will support 4 players for the entire game.

The next announcement was for The Hong Kong Massacre. The game is a top-down shooter with some extremely fancy graphics and slow-motion John Woo-esque shootouts. Following that we got to see a story of friendship with The Gardens Between. The game featured two characters walking around on an island while the player controlled time. Both games are set for a 2018 release date. Following that we learned that LocoRoco 2 Remastered is coming out December 9th and that you can preorder it now.

The subject then turned to The Sims 4, and to the expansions that will come following its Ps4 release. We got to see expansions that brought the Sims to the city, let them turn into vampires, build patios, and the such. Four post-launch expansions are expected. The Sims 4 launches November 17th. Following that we got to see Tennis World Tour, which will also be launching in spring 2018. It's a tennis game naturally, so we got to see some tennis players doing their stuff. Otherwise, not much.

The subject then changed to PlayStation VR, and the mention that it had over 100 games available for it. Following that, two PSVR games were shared. The first was Megalith, which will come out in 2018. It featured titans, like a Minotaur, fighting over who gets to become a god. After the trailer, Pearson talked about how it was actually a hero shooter not much unlike Overwatch. The second game was Bow to Blood, also with a 2018 release date. This one saw you and your friends team up to pilot parts of a flying pirate ship, either in races or in combat. We then got to see Ultrawings VR, which saw the player flying around in little one-man aircraft in VR while performing risky stunts or racing. Ultrawings VR will be launching soon.

Then we got another VR game, this one a super fast-paced racing game that looked like a first-person Jet Set Radio. You were on roller skates and grinded on the environment while shooting at other players. The game was called Sprint Vectors, and did not have a release date announced. We then got confirmation that Moss, my personal E3 favorite, will be releasing on February 13th, 2018. Another title announced at E3, Star Child, got its own update. The game is a cinematic platformer that got a new trailer. You play as a woman named Spectra, who appears to have the power to jump out of her body and possess robots. Star Child is currently set as "coming soon".

We then followed up with an update for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard's DLC. We got to see a trailer for Not a Hero, the free DLC update for the game. It follows Chris Redfield as he hunts surviving Baker family member and apparent Saw fan Lucas. The update will launch on December 12th along with the other new, paid, DLC campaign The End of Zoe.

We then went back to PSVR with two games that are launching tomorrow. The first was Dead Hungry, which saw the player managing a burger stand for zombies, trying to make the zombie's food as quickly as possible without getting eaten. The second game was Stifled. The game is a horror game where you play as a blind man and requires you to make noise to see the environment around you. Both games will be launching on Halloween for your horror pleasure. We then got to see League of War: VR Arena, another PSVR game. This one featured two players standing on opposite ends of a war table, sending troops across the table to attack each other while building towers to defend themselves. The game can be played with or without VR, and two players can play against each other with one on VR and one on the normal TV. The game is set to come out soon.

We then moved to Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, the fishing spin-off for Final Fantasy XV that comes out November 21st. They showed off some of the fishing gameplay, along with some character customization feature and goofy costumes. The game also allows you to steal food off of Noctis' plate, so that's interesting. We then got a trailer for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis, who Bennett claimed was "best boy" and that's wrong but we'll get to that later. The DLC will feature Yasunori Mitsuda, the composer for Chrono Trigger, as a guest composer. The trailer showed Ignis using various tools to platform across the roofs of buildings and teaming up with Ravus to protect Noctis. The DLC will launch December 13th.

Following that, we moved onto Invector, a rhythm game where you played as a little ship that flies along pathways and hitting notes to the music. The game could be played on VR or without it, and featured four player co-op. Then we got two more announcements. First up was Oure. A stylistic game, it featured characters that wandered around beautiful environments. The characters could transform into Chinese noodle dragons to dodge enemies and draw symbols. Also, it's out right at this very moment for $20. Surprise. The second game we saw was Spelunky 2. The trailer didn't show too much, other than that you will be playing as the main character's daughter as she searches for her missing father.

This ended the enormous pre-show as we moved into the event proper.

Things started off with a bang with a trailer for new release Ghost of Tsushima, the new game from Sucker Punch. Following this, we got to see Jim Ryan, who talked about some games that have done well on PlayStation 4, such as Undertale, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. He brought up PlayLink as a new innovation that the PlayStation 4 will take advantage of, then went on to games.

We then got a trailer for Concrete Genie. It featured a young boy drawing in a notebook on a building before picking up a paintbrush that let him alter the environment. The monsters he draws come to life on the walls and alter the environments for him so he can wander. We then got Sony London to show off a PlayLink game called Erica. The game let you use your phone/tablet to interact with the game world in a narrative adventure game where you choose your own path and alter the story.

The show moved onto a general PlayStation VR trailer, showing some of the upcoming releases for the system. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard: Not a Hero, Rec Room, Moss, Apex Construct, Bow to Blood, League of War: VR Arena, Stifled, Sprint Vector, Smash Hit Plunder, Star Child, Transference, Ultrawings VR, Dead Hungry, Eden Tomorrow, and Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV were all featured. This is, notably, the first time we got to see gameplay of Transference since it was announced at E3 2017 by Ubisoft, and served as an announcement for Apex Construct. We then moved onto a full trailer for a PlayStation VR game. A first-person shooter in VR, you'll be doing spy stuff, shooting at enemies, sneaking around, using cool spy tech, and more. The game was called Blood & Truth and it looked rather impressive.

We then moved onto a group of 6 games that will all feature PlayStation exclusive content. We opened up with Far Cry 5, which will feature an expanded co-op mode for you and another player. You can play the entire game co-op, much like the last game. Next up was Destiny 2, which showed off the game's first expansion that will take you to Mercury. Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris will be available December 5th. The third game we saw was Monster Hunter World, which featured monsters fighting each other violently. Each monster was beautiful and deadly, and the player seemed more than happy to try to get themselves into their fights. Monster Hunter World will feature an Aloy costume exclusively on Ps4, and will have an open beta starting December 9th.

Next up we got Call of Duty: WWII, a trailer which showed mostly multiplayer as people shot and killed each other. The DLC will be launching first on Ps4, with the first DLC coming January 30th. Next up we got a Codemaster racing game, which featured crazy stunts and interesting destruction. ONRUSH will be launching summer 2018. Of the six, this was the only new announcement. Finally, we got to see Star Wars Battlefront 2, which mostly showed cinematic stuff. It looks very pretty.

We then got to see Spider-Man, where we got to see many famous Spider-Man characters, including Miles and Kingpin. A large portion of the plot involved Spider-Man's fight with Mr. Negative as well. The game still just has a 2018 release date. Following that we got to see more of Detroit: Being Human. We get to see a housekeeping robot who appears to be housekeeping for a family with an abusive father, and the robot needs to decide what to do. It's an interesting scenario without any real good solution. The game looked dark and horrific in a sort of unique way, and has a Spring 2018 release date.

Following that we got to see more of God of War. Kratos got to see a giant and learn the history of it from his kid. We also got to see him teaming up with his son in fast-paced combat before going to follow some mysterious singing that the two of them heard. The game has an Early 2018 release date. Next, we got to see the trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn's DLC expansion The Frozen Wilds. We got to see some more Horizon action, with Aloy fighting off more robots in a new snowy setting. The DLC launches November 7th. Next up was a trailer for Shadow of the Colossus, the remake of the popular Ps2 classic. The trailer showed off the flying colossus and the fight against it, with some lovely new graphical effects. No release date was specified in this trailer, but we learned later that it has a February 6th, 2018 release date.

Finally, Sony closed the show with a new trailer for The Last of Us Part II. The violent intro featured a group of woman breaking free from being prisoners, one having their arm broken violently in the process. While we didn't see any gameplay, we did see three new characters as they fought their way out of the camp and got ready to face a group of clickers. The game currently does not have a release date.

Thus ended Sony's conference, with some very exciting stuff.


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