Today at the Sony PlayStation Live Event at Paris Games Week kicked off their main PlayStation Live event with a trailer and announcing Ghost of Tsushima, a new title from Sucker Punch. What Sucker Punch had been up to had been an ongoing mystery for a while, but Ghost of Tsushima answers that by showing that they were working on a Samurai open-world game.

Set in Feudal Japan, Ghost of Tsushima has you playing as a battered samurai fighting against the Mongol army, when they invaded Japan in 1274, starting with Tsushima Island. They don’t share much more information beyond that premise even in the expanded blog post, leaving a lot more for us to find out in the future – possibly at the PlayStation Experience in December. They do take care to note, that everything shown in the trailer was in-engine footage, featuring the main character starring down the leader of the Mongols.

Are you interested in an open-world Samurai game? Do you think it will be interesting to wander feudal Japan? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Don Parsons

News Editor

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