New Ghost Pokemon Greavard Is A Spooky Doggo

Published: October 25, 2022 11:00 AM /


Screenshot of the new ghost Pokemon, Greavard, with all of their stats and abilities listed

A new ghost Pokemon for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been revealed, and it couldn't possibly get any cuter. The spooky good boi Greavard is headed to the game and comes with a few adorably vicious abilities. 

Greavard is not your typical doggo, as you can probably tell by the way they look. Usually, Greavard hangs out underground with just their little candle and wick above ground, just trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. When curiosity gets the better of an unsuspecting trainer, this is Greavard's moment to shine. As the trainer approaches, Greavard launches itself out of the ground while letting out a shrill cry, enough to make even the most hardened individual jump out of their skin. 

Greavard, the new Ghost Pokemon, sticking their tongue out with their shaggy coat hanging in front of their eyes
Greavard, the newest addition to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Now, do not be alarmed, Greavard isn't doing this to harm you! They just want all the love and affection you can give. No really, all of it. This pupper wags its tail with sheer excitement and falls head over heels in love with you from even the slightest bit of attention, but be weary, looks can be very deceiving. Though Greavard means no harm and is one of the easiest Pokemon to befriend in the Paldea Region as of right now, they come with a dark secret. 

Slowly but surely, as you keep your new spoopy companion close, Greavard will begin inadvertently draining your life force and anyone else's nearby. Does that even matter, though? Either way, with this in mind, trainers must keep the ghastly Pokemon within their Pokeball as much as they can; though of course with a face like that it'll be hard. Oh, did we mention that one single bite from Greavard can shatter bones into oblivion? So, when trainers approach it to attempt to throw their Pokeballs, they should probably do so with extreme caution. As they say, "a single bite from Greavard can be grievous!"

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