My Time At Sandrock Secret Behind The Mask Update Adds A Major Twist

Published: December 14, 2022 3:00 PM /


Screenshot from the My Time At Sandrock Secret Behind the Mask update trailer of Logan on an outlaw poster, Secret Behind The Mask Update

An extremely pivotal and major twist comes to the main storyline in the latest My Time at Sandrock Secret Behind the Mask update, where we learn that Logan's actions have dire consequences. 

Initially, this update was supposed to launch with the previous update, but due to some of the developers at Pathea Games getting COVID-19, as well as lockdowns in China, it was divided into two patches with this part delayed. Luckily, the devs are now recovering and working from home in order to bring us this latest update, where they say they are still working on bug fixes that players have noticed. With that being said, there is a huge twist that comes with the latest update, where we learn more about Logan's past.

My Time at Sandrock behind the mas update where we see a stick up occurring with logan on a train, Secret Behind The Mask Update

This episode shows us that Logan will now be forced to face the consequences of his past actions and take responsibility for the events that have transpired due to those actions. It will also be highlighting responsibility in general, and how builders do have to make very tough choices when considering how they want their future to unfold before their eyes. We learn that Logan had to make some very questionable decisions that brought him to where he is today, including what looks to be him leaving a city in ruins. This means that the main story updates have been added to the gameplay, two new story dungeons, a brand new mineral dungeon, and a new feature that allows NPCs to look for players to play. 

There have also been a few major bug fixes, such as one that was affecting players' progress and save files. A lot of camera issues have also been resolved, including one that allowed quests to block the players' path to progress. 

All of these updates are now live, and can simply be installed for players to enjoy. That means that all of these new implementations are available with your current progress, and there is no need to restart. 

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