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Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo Has Denuvo DRM, No Cross-Play or Cross-Save

October 13, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams


The Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo is now live on Steam, but it already has some issues: the game will use Denuvo DRM -- and there won't be any Cross-Play or Cross-Save, either.

Monster Hunter Rise didn't have the smoothest launch -- the game was plagued by save corruption issues. These problems were thankfully fixed in around a week and the developers continued to work on updates. The devs were also working on a PC version and it's finally here; unfortunately, the Monster Hunter Rise PC demo also happens to have a lot of baggage.


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Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo Might Not Have Denuvo Forever

The Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo (and as a consequence, the full game) was launched earlier today and players quickly made an unfortunate discovery: it uses Denuvo DRM according to a notice on the game's Steam Store page:


Incorporates 3rd-party DRM: Denuvo Anti-tamper
5 different PC within a day machine activation limit

On the upside, it looks like Denuvo might not stick around forever. As shown on RedditMonster Hunter World removed Denuvo DRM a little less than three years after it was first released according to the SteamDB changelog for the game. We can probably expect Monster Hunter Rise to eventually kick Denuvo to the curb, too -- but it looks like we might have to wait a few years for that to happen.

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There Won't Be Any Monster Hunter Rise Cross-Play or Cross-Save, Either

The inclusion of Denuvo isn't the only bad news about the Monster Hunter Rise PC demo -- it also won't have any Cross-Play or Cross-Save, either.

"We’ve heard your requests for Cross-Save / Cross-Play for [Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak], but unfortunately, after looking into it throughout the development process, we found we are unable to implement it this time," read a tweet from the franchise's official account. "As always, we appreciate your continued feedback and support."

For now, you can play the Monster Hunter Rise PC demo on Steam and get a first look at all of the fun of hunting monsters -- as long as you don't mind Denuvo DRM. The full game will launch for PC on January 12, 2022; make sure to check out our Beginner's Guide to help yourself get started!

What do you think of the Monster Hunter Rise PC demo including Denuvo DRM? Are you disappointed by the lack of Cross-Play and Cross-Save? Let us know in the comments below!

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