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Published: December 7, 2018 12:40 PM /


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Epic Games announced that a new mode, called "Fortnite Creative", will be included in the game. In this new mode, players will have their own island to customize as they want and give vent to their creativity. With this announcement, along with the announcement during The Game Awards of The Block, a place in the Fortnite: Battle Royale island that will be composed of the best user creations, the publisher seems to be determined to allow users' creativity to take a big part into Fortnite's future.

Battle Pass owners will be able to access this new mode from the start of Season 7. This means that if you own a Battle Pass, you can log into Fortnite and start messing around right now and even invite your friends to play in your brand new sandbox. Everyone else will need to wait until December 13th before being able to build their island.

Epic Games put the new mode in the hands of several YouTubers and Twitch streamers so they could try it in advance and show the potential of Fortnite Creative. By the looks of it, the mode works similarly to something like Garry's Mod. It gives the players the power to edit the world and whatever is in it within the constraints decided by the developers. It will hardly be as comprehensive and free as GMod but it may still allow the users to create some cool stuff.

Players can basically invent their own game within the game without the need to actually mod the software. Even within the aforementioned constraints, people can get pretty inventive when given some sort of creative license. Maybe in the future, a user may create a whole new game mode using Fortnite Creative and spawn a new genre as it happened before with DotA, DayZ or even the Battle Royale genre itself.

Epic Games already toyed with the idea around Fortnite Creative before. With the limited time mode "PlayGround" players were given their first taste of a sandbox gameplay within Fortnite. Of course, the new mode will be bigger and better than the limited time event and users are given way more power over the environment. Despite that, it would not be surprising if the PlayGround LTM was a test drive for Fortnite Creative or if the developers had the idea of a permanent sandbox mode while the event was taking place.

What do you think of Fortnite Creative? Do you think that this new mode will improve the game or it will be forgotten quickly? Let us know in the comments below.

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