Live Goku's Story in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Next January

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Live Goku's Story in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Next January

September 14, 2019

By: Kyle Johnson

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PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date
January 17, 2020 (Calendar)
Action, RPG
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Bandai Namco released a new trailer and revealed a January 17th, 2020 release date for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot at Tokyo Games Show this week. The action RPG foray for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot also revealed a number of different special editions. If you're interested in a diorama and a collector's steelbook, you'll be limited to console versions of Kakarot only. Conversely, the special PC editions come with the Season Pass, suggesting that developer CyberConnect2 has more original content in the works. Series designer Akira Toriyama is also creating an entirely new character and side story too. Whatever your preferred platform, you can live and fight through Goku's life when Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot releases next January.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot closely follows the story of Dragon Ball Z as it covers all the sagas. From Raditz and Vegeta through the Frieza, Androids, and Majin Buu saga, the material and genre is nothing new, just in a new form for a modern generation. Still following the life and times of Goku as he discovers his saiyan powers and finds his true identity. Of course, what's Dragon Ball Z without side content? Kakarot (naturally) includes a driving test minigame, based off of "Goku's Ordeal," as well as many more side missions.

Initially revealed at E3 earlier this year, there is something to be said for Dragon Ball Z's resurgence in popularity. The exceptionally popular Dragon Ball FighterZ fighting game, as well as the new anime series Dragon Ball Super has given some life to a long-running brand. While Bandai Namco may never see a return to the days when Dragon Ball was a household name, they're hoping that Kakarot is able to capture some of the success. We'll get to see just how adept Bandai Namco's latest try is when it releases on January 17th next year.

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