Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest the Adventure of Dai Gets New Screenshots & Info About Its Heroes

Published: July 24, 2023 4:18 AM /


Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest the Adventure of Dai

Today Square Enix released a new set of screenshots and details of its upcoming anime-inspired action JRPG Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai

This time around, we hear and see more about the game's playable heroes, on top of the basic gameplay mechanics.

While fighting, you can use normal attacks, skills, and “Coup de Grâce," which are ultimate attacks that can be used when you fill a dedicated gauge. Each character has their own unique skills and you can both actively guard and dodge to block attacks or avoid damage. Doing so with perfect timing will improve their effect.

Moving on to the heroes, Dai is voiced by Sabrina Pitre in English and Atsumi Tanezaki in Japanese. His unique skill is Draconic Aura and he can also use Wave Strash, while Avan Strash is his coup de grâce

Popp is voiced by Cole Howard in English and Toshiyuki Toyonaga in Japanese. His unique skill is Meditation, on top of Crackle. His coup de grâce is Kafrizz. 

Maam is voiced by Diana Kaarina in English and Mikako Komatsu in Japanese. Her unique skill is Reload on top of Midheal. Her coup de grâce is Magic Bullet: Crackle. Yet, she can change to martial artist. He unique skills become Focus and Warrior Master's Fury, while her coup de grâce becomes Refractor Fist.

Hyunckel is voiced by Vincent Tong in English and Yuki Kaji in Japanese. His unique skill is Amdo and he can also use Dark Puppetry Aura Hand. His coup de grâce is Bloody Scryde. He can change to Dark Armour Spear fighting style changing his skill to Earth Strike (Amdo remains usable), while his new coup de grâce is Grand Cross.

You can check out all these techniques in the screenshots below.


Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai will release for PS5, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X|S on September 28. The PC version will be both on Steam and the Windows Store.

If you're unfamiliar with Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai, it was originally revealed all the way back in 2020 with an initial release window of 2021. That obviously did not materialize, and Square Enix continued to provide sparse information until we heard that it would come worldwide at Tokyo Game Show 2022. Recently we got the announcement of the release date and a trailer on top of another trailer.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai debuted on Weekly Shounen Jump in 1989 as a manga written by Riku Sanjo and illustrated by Koji Inada, based on the popular JRPG series by Yuji Horii. It then received a series of theatrical films and an anime between 1991 and 1992 that cemented its popularity. More manga followed until a new and massive 100-episode anime series brought the franchise back under the spotlight between 2020 and 2022.


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