Genshin Impact Reveals Three New Characters From New Region Fontaine

Published: July 3, 2023 1:47 PM /


Genshin Impact

Today Genshin Impact developer HoyoVerse revealed three of the characters that will soon appear in the game as the new region Fontaine is introduced.

Following this morning's release of a new trailer showcasing all the new characters of Fontaine, we start with Lynette, described as follows.

Lynette: Elegance in the Shadows
"Multi-Function Magic Assistant" In direct contrast to her older brother, who refers to himself as "the greatest magician in all Teyvat", Lynette might possibly be the lowest-profile Magician's Assistant in the land.

"That's already the fifth time this month... Haven't you learned not to mess with Lynette?"
— Words muttered by Freminet to a vacuum cleaner, overheard by Lyney as he left his room in the dead of night.

  • Lynette
  • Elegance in the Shadows
  • "Multi-Function Magic Assistant"
  • Anemo
  • Felis Alba

She's voiced by Anairis Quiñones in English and Yu Sasahara in Japanese. 

Next is her brother Lyney

Lyney: Spectacle of Phantasmagoria

"Celebrated Magician of the Court of Fontaine With the possible exception of the trials held at the Opera Epiclese, Lyney and Lynette's magic show is without a doubt the best live performance in the Court of Fontaine."

"Sometimes it distracts with a feint, others it pretends to slip up and reveal a flaw... When things get serious, sleight of hand dazzles more than the magic itself. Can you guess what it is?"

  • Lyney
  • Spectacle of Phantasmagoria
  • Celebrated Magician of the Court of Fontaine
  • Pyro
  • Felis Fuscus

He's voiced by Daman Mills in English and Hiro Shimono in Japanese.

Lastly, we take a look at Freminet

Freminet: Yearning for Unseen Depths

"Renowned Diver of the Court of Fontaine As the realm of Hydro, Fontaine's underwater vistas are positively breathtaking. But not everyone gets to enjoy this mysterious world beneath the waves. Even for those who have mastered the basics, diving can be full of peril to say the least. Among the ranks of able divers, Freminet is renowned for his outstanding professionalism, exceptional ability to stay focused, as well as his abundant maritime knowledge. It's just a shame that, as a classic lone wolf, he never accepts commissions from others. As the younger brother of Fontaine's famous magical duo Lyney and Lynette, Freminet prefers to stay out of the limelight. Other people's gazes, responses, and comments make him uncomfortable and interrupt the rhythm of his breathing. He prefers instead to slip away and bask in the weightlessness of the ocean, pouring his heart out to a Romaritime Flower. He looks indifferent, but in fact it's just that his passion never comes back up for air."

"Did you see that? As the dove emerged from the hat, the corner of Freminet's mouth turned up very slightly. Imagine how he'd react if we could find a way to make a whole flock of them fly out! After all, as his big brother, it's my duty to make him laugh." — Lyney winked as he discussed with Lynette after a rehearsal.

  • Freminet
  • Yearning for Unseen Depths
  • Renowned Diver of the Court of Fontaine
  •  Cryo
  • Automaton

He's voiced by Paul Castro Jr. in English and Shunichi Toki in Japanese. You can see the new artwork for all three characters below.


If you're unfamiliar with Genshin Impact, it's currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android. 

A Nintendo Switch version has been announced a long time ago, but HoYoverse has gone under the radar with it and has not said anything since despite confirming multiple times that it hasn't been canceled. 

If you want to learn more about Genshin Impact's upcoming version 3.8, you can read our dedicated article. It'll release on July 5 and it'll include brand new costumes. It's worth mentioning that it won't include the characters introduced today. They will come with another update at a later time.


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