Fornite's "Survive the Holidays" Event and Battle Royale "Battle Pass" Detailed

Published: December 19, 2017 12:30 PM /



Epic Game's decidedly cartoonish yet respectably popular alternative to Minecraft and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is gearing up for the holidays with two sizable updates. The V.1.11 patch will, in a nutshell, introduce a bunch of new holiday-themed weapon skins (including a Snowball Grenade Launcher!), seasonal cosmetic changes, and various other gifts for those who search hard enough in the Battle Royale mode, while Fortnite itself will have an entire event dedicated to helping Ray save the holidays. As with any good patch, V.1.11 will also include some bug fixes and relatively minor gameplay tweaks that will affect both the main Fortnite game as well as the Battle Royale mode.

V.1.11 is rather notable in that it introduces a rather curious form of microtransaction into Fortnite Battle Royale, or perhaps more accurately, a "Battle Pass" that rewards you with cosmetic loot (emotes, skins, etc.). Unlike traditional cosmetic bundles, you have to play to level up your Battle Pass, which will then reward you with up to over 65 rewards by the end of a season. With the release of V.1.11, Fortnite Battle Royale is officially in its second season, which will end on February 20. As per Epic Game's own estimates, it should take you between 75 to 150 hours of play before you unlock everything in a Battle Pass. People who don't want to spend actual money on the game may be delighted to know that there is a new Store where you can buy cosmetic items from a weekly rotating stock as well, and it accepts an in-game currency which can be obtained from playing any mission. To top it all off, a new global inventory system will allow you to access your inventory without having to enter a mission.

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Speaking of missions, Fortnite PvE aficionados will be able to get their hands on a few new Heroes to help in the Fortnite Holiday Survival Event and a revamped Survive the Storm mode that includes new Mini-Bosses, adjusted difficulty settings, and new rewards. You can play as Sarah Claus, who can regenerate health through melee combat while wearing enemies down with corrosion, Blitzen BASE Kyle, who is essentially a melee-medic, Snow Stalker Jonesy, who is an explosives expert, Fragment Flurry Jess, who has an energy beam equipped TEDDY that charges its abilities through kills, and the Raider Nomad, which is a soldier that has a particularly high synergy with shotguns. Over 10 new weapons have also been introduced into the game, three of which are winter themed and reward careful shot placement, while the rest are electricity-themed (hence the Vacuum Tube Weapon Set's name), revolving around shooting lightning at enemies.

For a look at Fortnite's full V.1.11 patch notes that detail every bug fix, performance tweak, and so on and so forth, click here, though fans of Fortnite should be pleased with how far the game has come in the face of such stiff competition.

Are you looking forward to Fortnite's holiday events? Do you think the Battle Pass is a good approach to microtransactions? Which of the newly playable heroes are you most excited to check out?


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