Flying Wild Hog Announces Shadow Warrior 3

Published: July 6, 2020 11:20 AM /


Lo Wang makes his return in Shadow Warrior 3

Flying Wild Hog and publisher Devolver Digital have announced Shadow Warrior 3, the third game in the rebooted Shadow Warrior series. It'll hit PC and consoles in 2021 and will continue the mixture of swordplay and gun combat espoused by its predecessors.

What's the story in Shadow Warrior 3?

The third game in Flying Wild Hog's shooter series sees longstanding protagonist Lo Wang teaming up with his erstwhile nemesis Orochi Zilla. The two must embark on a mission to recapture a dragon they accidentally released from its eternal prison. As ever, Lo Wang must rely on a mixture of swordplay and gunplay, as well as his razor-sharp tongue, to help him recapture the dragon. You can check out a teaser trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 right here:

It's still early days into Shadow Warrior 3's development, so we don't have too strong a grasp on gameplay just yet. Flying Wild Hog says the third game "launches [Shadow Warrior] to the next level" and will feature fast-paced gunplay sequences, razor-sharp melee combat, and spectacular free-running movement. The latter has been enhanced with the addition of a grappling hook, although we're not sure exactly how that will function within gameplay yet. Shadow Warrior 3's director Kuba Opoń says that the game will get players' "adrenaline pumping and senses thumping".

We'll learn more about Shadow Warrior 3 during the upcoming Devolver Direct presentation, at which Devolver Digital will show off its upcoming catalog. You can tune in to that stream via Twitch at 3 pm ET on July 11th. It's also worth keeping up with the official Shadow Warrior website for more developments. Shadow Warrior 3 will launch for multiple platforms in 2021. No word yet on whether this means it's coming to PlayStation 5 and/or Xbox Series X. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

Quick Take

I loved the first Shadow Warrior reboot, but the second one's procedural level generation left me cold. Old-school shooters work best when they mix visceral combat with exploration. The addition of a grappling hook has me hyped, so now it's up to Flying Wild Hog to create levels that make me want to use it to its fullest extent. Here's hoping Lo Wang's latest outing is more like his first than his most recent.

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