Shadow Warrior 3 Finisher Guide

Last Update: March 1, 2022


Shadow Warrior 3 Finisher Guide

Lo Wang is back with his blade and a variety of weapons but that isn't the only tool in your arsenal to fight off enemies in Shadow Warrior 3. The Finisher is an instant kill move that can be used against any of the strange creatures that you'll encounter. In this Shadow Warrior 3 Finisher Guide we'll go over what the Finishers are, why you want to be using them as much as possible, and some tips for how to earn finishers faster.

What is a Shadow Warrior 3 Finisher?

With each enemy killed they'll drop a yellow pickup that will slowly contribute to your finisher bar. You can see your circular finisher bar to the left of your health, as each portion of the bar fills you'll be able to use your finisher. You can activate your finisher by approaching an enemy and pressing the button corresponding with the on-screen prompt. The finisher will always be an instant kill for whatever enemy you're up against, but watch out because some of the larger enemies can require two or even three finisher segments filled to be used.


When completing a finisher you'll also obtain a benefit, for killing the basic Shogai enemy with a finisher you get five seconds of immunity, but all other enemies when killed will give you a temporary use weapon. The first time you use a finisher on each enemy you'll also get an Achievement/Trophy.

How can I get Finishers faster?

A one-hit kill move that gives you a temporary weapon is a glorious thing to be able to pull out of your pocket and you're going to want to be using it a lot. That recharge time for it, killing enemies can take some time though. There are a few things you can do to speed up the rate that you fill your finisher bar.

  • The last upgrade on the Resources skill tree for Lo Wang is "More Finisher Orbs - Spawns more Finisher Orbs on killing the enemies with environmental hazards" To acquire this upgrade you will need at least 7 Character Upgrade Orbs but you can obtain that many in the first four levels of the game.
  • Keep an eye out around the arena for Finisher Orb dispensers and approach them after using a finisher. This will ensure that you're not going to waste any finisher with overflow

What's the deal with the rabbits?

Progressing through Shadow Warrior 3 you'll encounter a variety of black and white rabbits, if you kill enough of them a purple symbol will appear over your health bar. Before the next arena you approach begins you'll get a bonus first wave that is you against a mutated Oni Hanma that has fur and rabbit ears. This fight will be a tough one as this enemy has increased health and hits you back pretty hard. Upon death, this rabbit Oni Hanma will drop extra Finisher Orbs allowing you to start the real combat with a more completed finisher bar.


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