Shadow Warrior 3 Weapon Upgrade Orb Locations Guide

Last Update: March 10, 2022


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Throughout Shadow Warrior 3 you have the ability to power up each of Lo Wang's weapons. Through these upgrades, you'll be able to deal more damage, shoot for longer, and stack some pretty fun effects on your attacks. In this Shadow Warrior 3 Weapon Upgrade Orb Locations Guide we'll tell you what each of the upgrades can do, and where to find them all scattered across the eleven levels of Shadow Warrior 3.

What can Character Upgrade Orbs be used for in Shadow Warrior 3?

From the pause screen, you'll be able to see each of Lo Wang's weapon upgrade paths. Every skill has three different levels that require 1, 2, and 4 Upgrade Orbs respectively. The paths and upgrades are listed below:


  • Dragontail - Sword - Obtained at the beginning of the game
    • Heavy Attacks - Hold Sword Attack button then release it to strike with a Heavy Attack
    • Elemental Attacks - Unlocks access to Fireball, Frost Slash, and Electric Vortex
    • Elemental Overcharge - Adds status effects on enemies damaged by your dword's Elemental Attacks
  • The Outlaw - Pistol - Obtained at the beginning of the game
    • Ammo Pouch Capacity - Increases The Outlaw ammo pouch capacity by 50%
    • Poppin' Heads - Headshots now trigger an explosion that deals damage to nearby enemies
    • Heat of Battle - Heats up bullets fired in quick succession, that set enemies ablaze.
  • Riot Gun - Shotgun - Obtained during the first level of the game
    • Ammo Pouch Capacity - Increases Riot Gun ammo pouch capacity by 50%
    • Full-Auto - Riot Gun operates in a fully automatic mode
    • No Reloads - Disables reloads, allowing for uninterrupted firing with this weapon
  • Sidekicks - Dual SMG - Obtained at the start of the second level of the game
    • Ammo Pouch Capacity - Increases Sidekicks ammo pouch capacity by 50%
    • Shocking Rounds - Adds electrocute effect on dealing continuous damage to the enemy over time
    • Thunder Trap - Enemies killed with Shocking Rounds spawn a Thunder Trap around them
  • Crimson Bull - Grenade Launcher - Obtained partway through the Third level of the game
    • Ammo Pouch Capacity - Increases Crimson Bull ammo pouch capacity by 50%
    • Increased Radius - Increased explosion radius
    • Sucker Punch - Grenade that bounces off a surface, can track enemies in close proximity.
  • The Basilisk - Railgun - Obtained after the collapsing dam portion of the fourth level of the game.
    • Hawkeye - Charging a shot slows down time
    • Piercing Gaze - Shots pierce through multiple lined-up enemies
    • Immobilizer - Shooting one enemy generates a freezing blast, immobilizing others around
  • Shuriken Spitter - Crossbow - Obtained at the beginning of the fifth level of the game
    • Ammo Pouch Capacity - Increases Shuriken Spitter ammo pouch capacity by 50%
    • Predator Disc - Discs that kill the enemy, continue on to another nearby target
    • Triple Shot - Hold the "Fire" button then release it, to fire three discs at once

How Many Weapon Orbs Are In Shadow Warrior 3?

There are 49 Weapon Upgrade Orbs in Shadow Warrior 3. 40 of them are found in the levels below, and 9 of them from from Combat Challenges.

Where to find every Weapon Upgrade Orb in Shadow Warrior 3?2+

Level 1: The Dragon's Back

  • There are no collectible orbs in this location

Level 2: Way to Motoko (2 Weapon Orbs)

Shadow Warrior 3 Upgrade Orb Weapon Lv 2

  1. After obtaining the grappling hook and getting to the narrow wooden ledges, just after the enemy grapple tutorial, this upgrade orb will be directly in your path.
  2. After sliding down the path towards the cutscene where you see the Kumo Brotherhood Gates for the first time drop down to your lower left. You'll find a Weapon Upgrade Orb here.

Level 3: Motoko's Thunderdome (4 Weapon Orbs)

  1. While chasing the Tanuki you'll do a wall run on a Staligtite before landing on another large platform. Instead of following the Tanuki forward climb up the wall to your right and you'll find another Upgrade Orb. If you reach the Finisher Orb spawner you've gone too far.
  2. After the arena where you first encounter Laser Shogun, you'll begin chasing the Tanuki again. This orb will be directly in front of you.
  3. Follow the Tanuki until he jumps into the water to the right. Instead of following him instead take the path to the left. Climb up some rocks and vines and you'll reach another Upgrade Orb.
  4. After fighting the Mogura Twins destroy the glowing roots blocking your path and climb up to where you'll see a sacred tree. Drop down the platform to the left to find this Upgrade Orb

Level 4: That Damn Dam (4 Weapon Orbs)

Shadow Warrior 3 Upgrade Orb Weapon Lv 4


  1. After obtaining the Basilisk continue along the path until you reach the rabbits. Look to the wall directly to your right and use the different levels as stepping stones to hop over the wall. Directly above the stairs that led to the Basilisk, you'll find this Orb.
  2. From the Basilisk grapple over the gap and continue up the path until you find more rabbits. Turn left and climb up the ridged surface to find another Upgrade Orb.
  3. After returning back to the tower structure this Orb will be directly in your path.
  4. Reach the top of the dam, walk past the Health Spawner and towards the Ammo Spawner and then turn to your left. You'll see a gap in the crates to slide under. Follow this path to find another Upgrade Orb. If you reach the Wrecking Ball Switch tutorial you've gone too far.

Level 5: Walking on Eggshells (9 Weapon Orbs)

  1. Right before the first Combat Arena, you'll see climbing vines to your left. Climb up and you'll find the first weapon Orb.
  2. After completing the first arena with multiple waves of Mogura Twins there will be a pathway on the ground level that opens up, do not go into this. Instead, climb up the platform to your right with the grappling hook and lookup. You'll see vines you can destroy, shoot them and climb up for an Upgrade Orb.
  3. The next arena you reach will have you find a way out through a series of lifts and wall runs. When you get to the last sliding lift platform drop it so you can land on it, but then ride it back up. On the top of the central pillar will be another Orb.
  4. Immediately after this room with the sliding elevator platforms, there will be another Orb directly in your path.

    Shadow Warrior 3 Upgrade Orb Weapon Lv 5
  5. In the room where you first face the Hattori, there's an Orb on one of the top ledges in the room. After defeating these enemies instead of going through the glowing roots look to the right and you'll see a target you can shoot to drop a column. Follow this path up to get to the Orb.
  6. After earning your Shuriken Spitter and coming up against your first arena you'll find a path to the right that leads near a waterfall and back into an alcove with an Orb.
  7. After the second Combat Arena, you'll wall run across a flowing river and see an Orb in your path. Head into the building next to you and up to the 2nd floor, then jump across to it.
  8. At the Combat Arena after the previous orb - one you've cleared it out, head over to the wall run at the back. Run along the wall and look back towards the middle, and down below you'll see some vines you can destroy. Hop down to grab this orb.
  9. Knock down the two sets of vines that bring the bridge down, and walk onto the bridge. To your left you'll see a platform to jump to, follow this path to get the upgrade, then grapple to the bridge to continue on.

Level 6: Egg Express (4 Weapon Orbs)

  1. Once reaching the first segment where you get off the boat get to the arena and then look off the right side of it towards the water. You'll see this Upgrade Orb floating over the water, leap out to grab it, and turn around to find the grappling hook point to return to land.
  2. After completing the second arena, right before you hop back onto the boat carrying the egg you'll find another Upgrade Orb in your path.
  3. Before jumping on to the raft after the previous - look to your right to see climbing vines. Follow this path to the next Weapon Orb.
  4. After making your way over the river past the third Combat Arena, you'll climb back up the mountain towards a large building. After you've collected the Character Upgrade Orb and ascended via Grappling Hook point look immediately to your left and you'll see this Orb on the ledge. Hop up to the wall on the left side of the dog statue and then make your way across the gap.

Shadow Warrior 3 Upgrade Orb Weapon Lv 6

Level 7: Doomsday Device (3 Weapon Orbs)

  1. After clearing the first arena with the three spinning traps continue through the gate and up the path, before you get to the grapple, turn left to find a gap to slide through for this Upgrade Orb.
  2. Immediately after the previous Weapon Upgrade Orb, this Upgrade Orb is in your direct path.
  3. At the third Doomsday Device, you'll find a broken fence overlooking the direction you came from - drop down and between two columns you'll find this Orb.

Level 8: Wayfarer's Forest (4 Weapon Orbs)

  1. From the start of the level walkthrough the rubble until you get to the clearing. From the top of the rocky mountain looking into the forest you should see the Upgrade Orb, which is directly in your path.
  2. Progress through the forest until Lo Wang makes a Tarzan call and refers to himself as King of the Jungle, after the second grapple. Look immediately to your right and look for the large mushroom caps protruding from the tree you just swung from. Jump to these mushroom caps and follow the path to find this Upgrade Orb
  3. After clearing the first arena continue through the path and this upgrade Orb will be directly in your path.
  4. After the second arena, you'll be in a section with lots of grappling. You'll reach a grapple that has an extremely long climb right after it. After getting to the top of the log turn around and you'll see a path you couldn't before. This is where the Upgrade Orb is.

Shadow Warrior 3 Weapon Upgrade Orb Lv 8

Level 9: The Fast and the Furry (4 Weapon Orbs)

  1. After the cutscene where you make the bomb, this upgrade orb will be directly in your path
  2. After the arena where you meet the Gassy Obariyon for the first time destroy the glowing root and climb up the wall. Climb the broken structure until you've got a wall run ahead of you. Look to your left and you'll see a sidepath on the platform you're on that circles counterclockwise around a rock. You'll find the Upgrade Orb here.
  3. After destroying the Dragon statue and falling down you'll find another Upgrade Orb directly in your path.
  4. After the last Character Orb that's in your path past the ice cavern combat arena, you'll climb up two walls and see the dragon. Instead of continuing forward, head to your right and you'll see the upgrade on a lower platform.

Level 10: Midnight Snack (3 Weapon Orbs)

  1. This Upgrade can be found directly in your path after you clear the falling ice segment at the beginning of the level.
  2. In the open area with the falling ice look to the right to see a floating rock with some vines on it. Hop onto it, then slide down two snowy platforms to wall run and find another Upgrade Orb underneath the main path.

    Shadow Warrior 3 Weapon Upgrade Orb Lv 10
  3. After falling through some shattered ice and getting back outside this Upgrade Orb will be on your path.

Level 11: Intestinal Inspector (3 Weapon Orbs)

  1. Progress through the level until after the arena battle against two Gassy Obariyon. As Hoji is making comments about defecating for the first time. Keep an eye on the Ice Cliff to the right and there will be a gap with a Weapon Orb inside. (Thank you @Spray_UK for the video too)
  2. After fighting in the second arena you'll slide down towards what looks like lava before swinging with a grappling hook to safety. After you land turn around and you'll see you can use the grappling hook to swing back to a hidden alcove with an Upgrade Orb.
  3. Continue through the level until Lo Wang starts questioning if the dragon gets hangry or not. After coming to the next solid ground you'll see an Upgrade Orb through some bones to your left. Climb up the path in front of you and then turn around to see a way into the cage.



I am still missing Upgrade Orbs in Shadow Warrior 3?

On top of the above-listed locations for Upgrade Orbs, there are also a variety of Upgrade Orbs that you need to earn by completing certain combat challenges. Part way through the second level you'll gain access to the Challenge menu on the pause screen. Here you can see what task needs to be completed and what Upgrade Orb you'll obtain from it. 

Listed below are all of the Weapon Upgrade Orb Challenges:


  • Blademaster - Kill 100 enemies with the Karana
  • CQC - Kill 50 enemies with the Riot Gun while at very close range
  • Danger Zone - Kill at least 2 enemies with single Crimson Bull projectile 15 times
  • Staggered - Stagger 50 enemies using Shuriken Spitter
  • Multi-strike - Kill at least 2 enemies with one katana strike 15 times
  • Bullseye - Headshot kill 25 enemies using The Outlaw
  • Multi-Tasking - In 5 seconds or less, kill at least 3 enemies in different ways: Using the katana, a ranged weapon, and an environmental hazard.
  • Target Practice - Kill 25 Kugutsu demons on balloons before they land
  • Death from above - While in mid-air, kill an enemy with The Basilisk 5 times

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